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Summer Vacation!

Yellowstone National Park Photos

In a couple of weeks my family and I will be taking a road trip to Wyoming for a little over a week to visit family and attend a wedding. We drove from Illinois to Wyoming last year also. This year we are going to stop at Yellowstone National Park for a day or two before going to our destination. Yellowstone is a huge national park that extends across Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. I’m super excited because we will stay in a cabin in the park and live a very simple life while there (food cooked over open fire, no phone, t.v. or internet in our cabin). Very rustic and I likey. I love being outdoors and I love unadulterated nature so I am going to bask in hippieness, lol. Now, we will be in the mountains so it will be cooler (around 60-70 degrees) which will make us temporarily forget that it is summer. I don’t mind. I hope to take some hikes and observe the animals, trees, mountains, and active volcanoes that the park stores. We will have a stroller, baby pack, and a child leash (which I don’t like, but I have to keep my baby away from the lava!) for Lanona so that she stays safe.

After Yellowstone we will go to my brother-in-law’s house for the duration of our trip. My cousin-in-law is getting married while we’re there. The change of scenery will be nice and I look forward to catching up with relatives that we don’t see often. As for my hair, it will be in mini-twists until the wedding and I’ll wear a twistout for the wedding. We have a long trip ahead of us and we will pass through several states on the way. I won’t be posting as often while we’re away, but I will make sure to document our trip with lots of pictures! 😉