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Watch This Tonight!

It’s HERE!! Noah is probably sick of my countdown for Reed Between the Lines, but I don’t care. Tonight at 10pm eastern time, the first of two new episodes will appear on BET. If you got cable, settle in and watch some black family comedy. If not, be nice to someone who does. Maybe they’ll invite you over!

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Got a Little Bunny in You?

I know that my rabbit Dobbie would say, “Yes, of course.” That is, if she spoke. But I’m actually referring to Playboy Bunnies. I’ve never cared for the empire per say, I think it’s great means to exploit women. But then again, pornography has always been a hairy topic for feminists to explain.

I am on board with this fall’s new television line-up, more specifically, NBC’s The Playboy Club. Maybe I romanticize the 60’s as a turbulent, history altering time, but I love movies, music, and television set to that period.

This show promises to feature the swanky gentleman’s club founded by Hugh Hefner in a time where America was going through some major growing pains. We were in the throes of a sexual revolution, the Civil Rights Movement, fighting a war in Vietnam, dealing with Cold-war tensions, and did I mention the music was  awesome?

I’m hoping that this character, Brenda Bunny, proves to be a strong black female role in the show. She turns being a woman in the service industry right on it’s head. Being an ambitious black woman in the sixties, in the man’s world of Playboy, Brenda has a lot of work ahead of her. I can’t wait to see how deep her character gets.

If Brenda looks familiar, you’ve probably seen the actress that plays her, Naturi Naughton, in films like Fame, Lottery Ticket and Notorious.

Check this video out, if you’d like to hear Naughton explain her character.

P.S. Wouldn’t you like to try that costume on?

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I’m Mrs. Lonely

The husband Noah is out of town on business and left me with bunny. I’m super bored and going through a lot of television. I started out with The Cosby Show, the “Vanessa and her friends go to the Wretched concert” episode. It’s one of my favorites because everyone thinks that Vanessa is the most annoying character and it’s nice when she gets in trouble.

 Thanks to Netflix, I’m able to catch up on a few movies, I’ve been meaning to see. I just finished Bitter Harvest from the 1980’s based on a true story about dairy farmer with poisoned feed called PBB. It’s turned me off of dairy from here on out, even though I’m already lactose intolerant. It was a terrible movie, very graphic, but very informative. If you can stomach it, I recommend you watch it.
Now I’ve moved on to Virgin Suicides, it’s always been on my to-watch list, but I never got around to renting it. So far, it’s excellent. If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a teenage girl in 1970’s Michigan, this is the film for you. 
So then. . . after I’m properly vegged out, I will get around to some real writing about more pressing issues. Until then, I’m taking a break! 

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Perfect Marriage of Television

My two favorite television sitcoms are The Cosby Show and Girlfriends! Both are canceled by now, but stars from both shows are teaming up on BET for a new series called Reed Between the Lines


The upcoming BET show Reed Between the Lines stars my favorite natural TV star, Traci Ellis Ross. We love her and we also say that the UPN/CW network will rue the day that they canceled Girlfriends.

Also, there is Malcolm Jamal Warner, TV’s former kid brother,”Theo Huxtable.” I’ve also seen him on NBC comedy Community lately and I think it’s great that he’s back on television. “Theo” is still quite funny.

She’s a psychiatrist, he’s an English professor, they’ve got three kids. . . watch the hi-jinks ensue! It’s coming out this fall. So look out. I will, cause I love Traci’s hair and fashion. She’s always giving me great ideas!

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Healthy Breakfast + Unhealthy Television

 Note: High-lighted hyperlinks will take you elsewhere to learn about the health benefits of each ingredient.

You know, sometimes I surprise even myself with genius meals. This morning’s breakfast consisted of fried egg, guacamole, and cilantro on a whole wheat bagel. To wash it down? Hot mug of Chinese Detox Tea, a full glass of ice water and half glass of almond milk (to get my calcium without the lactose). And last, for breakfast dessert. . . yeah, I do that, a small cup of Mott’s Granny Smith apple sauce with cinnamon. Now that’s what I call a breakfast!

The bad thing is I usually don’t have breakfast like this, I usually don’t have breakfast AT ALL. When I met Noah, he was horrified to see me flitting out the door with a toaster strudel or nothing. I’m trying to do better now that I’ve lightened up the “meat load.” And I’m also trying to be creative with what I’ve got in my pantry, taking a page from Evelyn’s book.

While I’m eating, I’m deep conditioning with a thick thick coat of Tresemme Conditioner and wearing shower cap. I’m watching the Wendy Williams Show and drinking in the gossip about Lindsay Lohan. I like Williams, she’s the kind of bawdy lady who talks frank, all the time. She’s kind of an Everywoman too, very preoccupied with cheap fashion, bitchin’ heels, and beef jerky.

How You Doin’?