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Product Mis-labeling

This is a very intriguing and informative post that was sent to me from Tasha of Journey to Nappy. The article discusses misleading organic/natural product labeling. Check it out!

I came across a very interesting article on the natural lifestyle site – NaturalReview. This site is chalked full of extremely interesting and very pertinent lifestyle information to help improve your way of life, generally speaking.

I have placed the links to the articles at the bottom of this post.

In this eye-opening article (published since mid-2011), the Center for Environmental Health has posted a list of hair care product manufacturers which are being sued by other companies for mislabeling their products as ‘ORGANIC’.

Mislabeling products is something that I would have dealt with very lightly in a much older post. It is an issue that I feel strongly about. You see, I am one who tries to purchase only hair care products which are organic or at least free of most of the harmful chemicals and other substances. And that is difficult as it is here in Barbados. It bothers me that dishonest companies would play on the sentiments of hard-working consumers who are doing their part in making the planet a greener place. And I am not upset solely because I wish to do my part, but for all others out there who are trying to do the same. And some of these products are at times astronomically priced!!

Here is the list of the companies with only a few of their products which the Center has identified as having misleading product information. Some of these companies may have more than these products which have allegedly been mislabled:

Advantage Research Laboratories, Inc./Murray’s Worldwide, Inc.: Parnevu T-Tree No Lye Conditioning Relaxer System
Aubrey Organics, Inc: Collagen & Almond Enriching Moisturizing Lotion
Beauty Without Cruelty/Lotus Brands, Inc: Organic Aromatherapy Facial Cleanser
Boots Retail USA Inc: Boots Amazon Forest Brazil Nut & Vanilla Body Wash
California Inside & Out, Inc: Out of Africa Handwash Tea Tree with Essential Oil
Colomer U.S.A.: Crème of Nature Kiwi & Citrus Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo
Cosway Company, Inc/Head Organics Company: Clearly Head Conditioner
Curls, LLC: Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream Organic Shampoo
derma e® Natural Bodycare/Stearns Products, Inc: Psorzema Body Wash
Hain Celestial Group: Jason Thin-to-Thick Conditioner and Baby Avalon Organics Silky Cornstarch Baby Powder
House of Cheatham, Inc: Organics by Africa’s Best Hair Mayonnaise
International Trade Routes of New York, Inc/Laboratorios Phergal: Naturtint Green Technologies Permanent Hair Colorant
Kinky-Curly Hair Care: Kinky-Curly Spiral Spritz
Kiss My Face Corporation: Hold Up Styling Mousse
Lafe’s Natural BodyCare/Lafe T. Larson, Inc: Deodorant Stone With Holder
Morrocco Method, Inc: Euro Organic Oil Simply Pure Hair & Scalp Therapy
Namasté Laboratories: Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Replenishing Pak
Nature’s Baby Products, Inc: Nature’s Baby ORGANICS Shampoo & Body Wash in Vanilla-Tangerine Scent or Lavender-Chamomile Scent
Nubian Heritage Group/Sundial Group LLC: Coconut & Papaya with Vanilla Bean Extract Body Wash
Nutrition Resource, Inc. dba NutriBiotic: NutriBiotic Everyday Clean Conditioner Botanical Blend
Rainbow Research Corporation: Rainbow Baby Oh Baby Unscented Organic Herbal Shampoo
Renpure, L.L.C: Renpure Organics I Love My Hair! Body and Shine Shampoo
Strength of Nature Global, LLC: Elasta QP Intense Fortifying Hair Conditioning Treatment
Sundial Brands/Sundial Group LLC: Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo
The Himalaya Drug Company: Organique by Himalaya Toothpaste
Todd Christopher International, Inc/Vogue International: Hydrating Teatree Mint Conditioner

Quite frankly, I hope they are made to answer to these charges and stay away from doing it in the future. When a consumer reposes their faith in a company based on what their label says, it ought not to be taken lightly.

What is quite disturbing is seeing the SHEA MOISTURE ORGANIC RAW SHEA BUTTER MOISTURE RETENTION SHAMPOO on the list! That is the shampoo I swear by. I will still use it, as it works. But, I would like to know what ingredient is there in that shampoo that is not ‘organic’; whereby making the company’s claims null and void. There in lies my concern. Either it is, or it is not. There are a few other companies listed whose products I have used before but not the exact product listed above.

Here is the link to the post as it appears on NaturalReview – ORGANIC Mislabeling
Follow this link to the see it on CEH.ORGMislabeling lawsuit

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Is Blue Magic Really the Ticket?

So last night, your girl Ev and I were chatting on the phone. I was using Skype because I needed both hands free to twist my hair. I’m happy to say that when we were done talking I was finished with my hair and I that felt great. Evelyn, I think I will call you every time I do my hair, if you don’t mind 😉

But before I sat down to call Evelyn, I was watching this video to motivate myself to do the hairdo:

This is from YouTuber, jcokes7 and she’s all about doing her twists with hair grease, more specifically, the Blue Magic Organics. She wasn’t sure how she liked the product itself, but she did like the outcome and so did I! Her twist came out great! Her hair looked springy and well defined, with the movement we want from our twists. 
But then jcokes7 told us how she felt about petroleum. We all know those are the first and foremost active ingredients in products like Blue Magic, not to mention mineral oil and lanolin. However, she was a little heated about was the cancer causing claims people made against petroleum. This frightened me. I had no idea that there were carcinogens in Vaseline type products. jcokes7 made it clear that she wasn’t going to let products like Blue Magic dictate her life. While I applaud her making a stance on such a highly contested subject, I’m still concerned about what petroleum does.
While the jury might still be out on whether petroleum is a carcinogen or not, I am bothered by such a heavy product weighing my hair down. It is definitely true that petroleum is too heavy and suffocating on your scalp and hair shaft. It is true that no moisture will reach your scalp or shaft and build up will occur. 
jcoke7 did mention that when she washed her hair, it really needed it. As in, it was quite dirty. That’s not surprising at all. When I was using Blue Magic religiously, I washed out a lot of build up and dirt. Because if you’re taking that grease out into the environment, stuff in the environment with cling to it (i.e. dirt and debris). And you’re walking around with that stuff until you get around to washing your hair.
My solution? I’m sticking with my raw shea butter.

Last night, I mixed mine with coconut oil and used that mix on each twist. The next morning I undid the twists and got some great definition without the excessive greasy feeling on my fingers. My twist out was voluminous, but light weight enough to have movement. Plus the natural ingredients of shea butter and coconut oil make for no-nonsense and safe application.

Rest assure that there are no cancer scares at all with raw ingredients. If you’d like to make your own Shea butter concoction, try out Evelyn’s recipe! Happy and safe twisting to all of you ladies!


You Get What You Pay For. . . (and a lot less?)

I should have known better when I bought this stuff for less than $3. Have you ever heard of getting something for nothing? That’s what I thought I was getting. Something for nothing. It turned out to be 1.5 oz of nothing.

I usually read ingredients before I buy things, but this ingredient listing was covered up by a security tag sticker. They usually cover everything in beauty supply stores. They’re belief in high thief is really wasting me money.

Anyway, when I got it home and pealed the sticker, I found that ingredients read something like this:

Jojoba oil
Mineral oil
Herbal Oils (but which ones, you might wonder. Well, me too!)
Vitamin E, A, and B
Fragrance (It smelled a lot like vitamin E to me)
and last and completely LEAST:
Ect. . . . .

What in the HELL is ect. . . . . . I don’t know about you, but I want to know what those last ingredients could be. So I looked this product up on-line.

Jojoba Oil  
Natural Products, Inc College Point, NY 11356

There were a few websites with the same phone number that didn’t work. I had planned to call them up and ask them what ect. . . . . meant, but it was a disconnected number. I was starting to believe this wasn’t a real company. On another website: they gave a link to another website, where I’m assuming you can look at more of their products, but upon clicking, I was brought here: Winter Sun/Summer Moon.

When I called them up and asked if they were in anyway affiliated with the company that sells my bunk jojoba oil, they told me they didn’t know of such a company and didn’t sell jojoba hair oil.


Where does that leave me? A little less trusting, of course, but feeling a little foolish. I started out wanted to know what ect….. meant and now I want to know who sold me this stuff. The mystery is getting even murkier as I type. The lesson I take away from this is that I shouldn’t spend my money on just anything. Companies with clear ingredient listings, actual websites, and working phone numbers are a start.

Buy Beware!

If you have any idea who these people are, let me know. I have questions for them.


Black Soap Follow-up

After being asked by devoted reader, Naturaleza, about more information on RA Cosmetics Black Soap, I thought I would try for it for a few weeks before I convince you all of it’s powers. This is the same product that I compared weeks before in another product review:

Here are the Ingredients:
Pure Honey                                  
Shea butter                                      
Osun (camwood)                            
Cocoa pod powder
Plantain peel powder
Palm kernal oil
Coconut oil
Aloe Vera

Price: ~ $2.00 for a 5 oz bar

Smell: Nutty

Consistency: Particle bits, slightly gritty, but this can be worked into a good lather (because of the palm kernel oil.) Just be cautious about rubbing this directly on your face and other sensitive parts of the body like the decolletage. It’s a super exfoliate!

Results: I feel really good about this soap. There are no irritants, no obvious over drying effects. . . so I’ve been able to use this twice a day. In the morning and before I go to bed. In the morning, I use a light Aveeno moisturizer and before I go to bed, I use that same moisturizer with a small bit of shea butter for some nighttime skin repair. For several weeks, this regiment has been working out for me. I’ve noticed a sharp decline in break outs and an increase in fading old marks. 

Would I use it again? Yes, I’m running out at the moment and I’m going to buy some more. I did however, make the mistake of leaving the bar in the shower. Since this is a really porous soap, constant wetness causes it wear away quickly. So keep it in a dry place!


Black Soap vs. Black Soap

The farmers market in downtown Columbus, GA is underway and I’m excited! The first week I went, I bought some of this black soap from the shea butter lady.

Pure Honey                       
Shea butter                        
Osun (camwood)              
Palmkernal oil                   
Cocoa pod ash                 
Palm bunch ash     
Aloe Vera
Lime Juice
Water and Fragrance
This brand of black soap is not bad I definitely felt cleaner and smoother skin, although slightly dried out. My acne spots and scars seemed like they smoothed out and lightened after a couple weeks use. However, it was the fragrance in this product that made it hard to use. It was an overpowering smell that if I got it up my nose while lathering, I would have a bad sneezing fit. It was a major irritation and I believe there is a link between the fragrance and my dry skin.

But last night I found this stuff from an Atlanta company called RA Cosmetics! It’s all the goodness without the overpowering smell!

Pure Honey                                  
Shea butter                                      
Osun (camwood)                            
Cocoa pod powder
Plantain peel powder
Palm kernal oil
Coconut oil
Aloe Vera

As far as I can tell, I received the same benefits as the Tropical Naturals Brand but without over drying effect on my face. My skin still felt smooth and pores appeared minimal. And there was definitely less sneezing! Plus the coconut oil has to be great hydration for the skin.

Here’s what they both look like next to one another in their bar form:

Overall? I think I’m sticking with the RA Cosmetics 100% Black Soap (fragrance-free). I think it works rather similarly to Dudu-Osun, but with what seem like completely natural ingredients. You can find this soap at your local black beauty supply or online at: