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Workshopping Women

This past Wednesday, I participated in an on-campus (Columbus State University) workshop called “For Colored Girls,” named after the play/movie. It was the first meeting of minds for this all inclusive support group that covers issues from the play.

So far we have discussed race relations/understanding, body image and women in higher education. This is a weekly meeting, Wednesday’s at 12 pm and if you’re in the Columbus, GA area, you should come.

If you’re not, please get together with females on your own college campus and create a support group! School is hard enough on its own, but if you add social stresses, it sometimes leads to high drop out rates. We don’t want that for women who really want and need to go to school.

I’m the wife of a faculty member and a graduate, while attending this workshop, but feminist issues certainly don’t stop after you finish college. So even though I would have greatly appreciated something like this while I was in school, I’m not going to miss an opportunity to sit down with other women and talk about important topics!

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WTF Georgia #1: Car Propaganda

The first in many installations, What the F*** Georgia, today I’d like to discuss Southern cars.

People love their cars down here and don’t mind making it known. Noah and I have driven past a truck with tires taller than our Elantra. The owner of the truck would have to use a ladder to get to his door handle and use a ladder to climb down from his truck. (When I get a picture, you will see this monstrosity)

In the Winn Dixie parking lot

Columbus, Ga is not a pedestrian town, partly because of the city’s infrastructure and mostly because of people’s love for OWNING vehicles, the more the better. It’s a capitalist ideology that prevails in the South. I own it. It’s mine– not yours. Don’t tread on my property. There aren’t any sidewalks for people who walk at their own leisure. Biking is not recommended because “truck people” don’t share the road. Public transportation is almost non existent. I thought about following the bus line, but I never saw the buses.

People think their cars are a good place to share their politics. Both sides do it; people with liberal leanings and conservative leanings. Now that I’m in the deep South, where Tea Party mentality reigns king, all of the anti-reason propaganda is starting to wear thin. Sigh. I think this picture describes what I’m talking about. We get it, you don’t want to share your wealth. You don’t mind poverty.

I love the “American” message paired with a foreign car!


We Have Had It!

Michael Moore has landed in Madison to give his support to a fight that effects the whole nation. If you work in America, what’s happening in Wisconsin is important to you. I live in a state (GA) where unions are all but banned, but there’s still hope for the rest of the nation.

 Evelyn is located in Illinois, where 14 Wisconsin law makers are hiding out. To the fugitives, wherever they are in Illinois, I say keep it up. Hold on a little more and hopefully the nation will come to it’s senses. We NEED unions! Teachers, firefighter, policemen are needed in our country. They work hard, very hard, therefore we need to support them.

To read more about these 14 Wisconsin senators go here