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Red Clay in Hair

I tried Red Moroccan Clay on my face a few months ago and I liked the results a lot.
I thought I could use it in my hair. Same awesome properties right? Moisturizing and cleansing.
I found a blog that featured clay in the hair, The Black Hair Diary. I felt confident to try it.
Here’s what happened:

I left the clay in my hair for about 1 1/2 hours.
I rinsed it out. My shower looked like the famous scene from Psycho.
After getting it all rinsed out, I definitely noticed a cleaner softer feel to my hair.
My curls felt defined and I even got my swing on. Yeah, I was whipping my hair.
Unfortunately, I do have to go to bed. Laying on drying hair, usually ends up matted in the morning.
That’s why I’m bagging it tonight. Plastic conditioning cap (shower cap) and handkerchief.
We’ll see if this can be a wash and go for tomorrow morning. . . .