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We’re HERE!!

Noah and I drove 15 hours from Georgia to Ohio, yesterday and we’re both dead tired. We still have work to do and many more miles to get settled. Turning off utilities, setting them up. Moving our stuff from the truck to a storage space (because our apartment won’t actually be ready til the first week of August!).

I have a job interview with Noah’s college for a Admin Assistant position. Yes, that’s right, your girl hasn’t had a “job” since April and it was working at a pub. But I’m very ready to use my skill and intellect in a better environment.

I’m also going to scope the location and hopefully meet up with the people of the Natural Hair and Beauty Expo. Hey! If you’re in the area and you don’t mind spending $10, come visit with us. Evelyn and I will, of course, be there. Okay guys, I gotta go move my furniture to storage. . .

-xxx charish


Moving to Ohio!

So I should tell you all why I’m very slow to post these days. Ev has been great enough to fill in the gaps with some great new information. (Please sign up for The Science of Black Hair drawing, this looks like a must read!) But Ev is aware that I’m under a little stress right now because my husband and I (and the rabbit) are moving to Toledo, Ohio!

Noah and I are excited for his new opportunity to teach back in the Midwest. We miss the area very much and have had our fill of the American South. We will get back to fall weather, lower cost of living, and Meijer Grocery stores! We’re moving everything near the end of July, but I will be headed to Illinois to see family and friends before then. So be on the look out for a reunion blog featuring Evelyn and myself finally getting a chance to hang out again!

The bogus thing about moving is the packing, of course. Here’s what my bathroom looks like with all of my hair products!

Anybody wanna help me out?