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You Get What You Pay For. . . (and a lot less?)

I should have known better when I bought this stuff for less than $3. Have you ever heard of getting something for nothing? That’s what I thought I was getting. Something for nothing. It turned out to be 1.5 oz of nothing.

I usually read ingredients before I buy things, but this ingredient listing was covered up by a security tag sticker. They usually cover everything in beauty supply stores. They’re belief in high thief is really wasting me money.

Anyway, when I got it home and pealed the sticker, I found that ingredients read something like this:

Jojoba oil
Mineral oil
Herbal Oils (but which ones, you might wonder. Well, me too!)
Vitamin E, A, and B
Fragrance (It smelled a lot like vitamin E to me)
and last and completely LEAST:
Ect. . . . .

What in the HELL is ect. . . . . . I don’t know about you, but I want to know what those last ingredients could be. So I looked this product up on-line.

Jojoba Oil  
Natural Products, Inc College Point, NY 11356

There were a few websites with the same phone number that didn’t work. I had planned to call them up and ask them what ect. . . . . meant, but it was a disconnected number. I was starting to believe this wasn’t a real company. On another website: they gave a link to another website, where I’m assuming you can look at more of their products, but upon clicking, I was brought here: Winter Sun/Summer Moon.

When I called them up and asked if they were in anyway affiliated with the company that sells my bunk jojoba oil, they told me they didn’t know of such a company and didn’t sell jojoba hair oil.


Where does that leave me? A little less trusting, of course, but feeling a little foolish. I started out wanted to know what ect….. meant and now I want to know who sold me this stuff. The mystery is getting even murkier as I type. The lesson I take away from this is that I shouldn’t spend my money on just anything. Companies with clear ingredient listings, actual websites, and working phone numbers are a start.

Buy Beware!

If you have any idea who these people are, let me know. I have questions for them.