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DIY: Facial scrub, Facial softener, and Facial moisturizer

Facial scrub
3-4 tbsp brown sugar (cinnamon can also be used)
2-3 tbsp honey (add honey until you reach your desired consistency)

Mix well. Wipe your face clean with a warm washcloth, then apply small portions of the scrub to your face. Begin gently exfoliating your entire face. Either wash the mixture from your face directly with water or with the warm towel.

Facial softener
1/4 cup plain organic greek yogurt (you can use any kind of plain yogurt, but greek yogurt is thicker than most, I would definitely veer toward the natural or organic yogurts for this)

Apply yogurt all over face and let sit for 15-20 minutes. Wash the yogurt from your face directly with water or with a washcloth.

Facial moisturizer
End the process by applying a couple of drops of grape seed oil to your face (coconut oil or another light natural oil will work as well)

*Use this facial cleansing and moisturizing process once or twice a month for clean, healthy, and supple skin.


Product Review: Aveeno Clear Complexion Cleanser

Here is a review for a cleanser I use on the weekends. Those are the days where I wear enough makeup to rival a geisha. I paint on a super sexy cat eye and layer on the black black mascara. I might as well go through a car wash to get it off by the end of the night. This stuff might help:

Walmart: $6.47

I like the salicylic acid (2%) in this cleanser, which is a common acne medication. I’m in my mid-20’s and could still use a little help in that area. The microbeads offer a good exfoliation that I try to get in at least once or twice a week. The moisture rich soy does make my skin feel soft and moisturized after a good washing. Which is unusual for many exfoliates, after washing I usually feel really tight in the face and then super dried out.

My issue with this particular cleanser is it’s soy rich microbeads. If I wash my face in the bathroom sink and don’t rinse my face off completely, I will get some stray microbeads in my eye later on in the day. They’re an irritation and sometime hurt. So I guess this product should be used in the shower to ensure a good rinsing.Also, the Aveeno brand is a little pricey for my taste and I’m not sure how I like paying 6.50 for a 5oz container, but I suppose you get what you pay for. I’m hoping Evelyn can get in the kitchen and come up with a new homemade organic cleanser. Hint Hint!

  • Acne Medication
  • Exfoliate
  • Moisture rich


  • Microbeads need to be thoroughly rinsed
  • Pricey (for me)

Overall: Pretty Good Stuff