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Urban Bush Babes Interview

Nikisha and Cipriana of Urban Bush Babes have kept me on the edge of my vintage fashion seat these days with their cool quirky fashion sense. I love how they combine several decades of styles together into an effortless hipster look. If you haven’t had the chance to check them out, I suggest you do that after you read my interview with co-creator Nikisha.


 1. What piece of clothing or accessory did you HAVE to have when you were a kid? (I had to have LA Gear sneakers with purple laces, of course)

The LA Gears were a must have for me too! I also had to have the jelly sandals 🙂
2. What lady (or gent) is your fashion icon, someone who you aspire to be? If you could transcend space and time to meet up with them, where would you take them shopping?

This was a hard question to answer because I honestly have never had a style icon. But I do draw my inspiration from people like the Olsen twins, Bob Marley, Zoe Kravitz, and Kurt Cobain. I prefer clothes from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Although I have been leaning more towards 90s grunge lately and love the looks from Kurt Cobain and Zoe Kravitz.
Bob and Nik

Now as for taking the Olsen’s and Zoe Kravitz shopping I would actually let them take me shopping…lol, because I am sure they can do more damage in this area and can show me many many cool vintage and thrift shops to go to 🙂 And as for Bob Marley and Kurt Cobain, I would take them to all the thrift stores I go to in New York.
Zoe Kravitz
 3. What’s the most jacked up outfit you’ve ever worn? Do you have pictures? 
This is a tough one because I have worn a lot of jacked up outfits, especially when I was younger. I remember owning a red velvet outfit complete with top and bell bottoms, so horrendous!!! Thank God I don’t have pictures of that!!!
Mary Kate Olsen
4. How necessary are unnecessary scarves?

Scarves aren’t necessary for me unless its cold outside and I need one to go around my neck

So there you have it, fashion from the point of view of Nikisha from Urban Bush Babes. I must say that I’m a tad disappointed that there aren’t any photos of this red velvet pantsuit. Was it crushed velvet? We’ll never know. . . I’ll end this piece with another darling photo of Nikisha workin’ it.
Nik rockin’ Pink Floyd

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What’s in the News?

  • Are we here for a fashion show or here to play tennis? There is a lot of ruckus about Venus Williams’ attire on the court at Wimbledon. She still won the game, didn’t she?
  • At the tender age of 29, powerhouse Jennifer Hudson is writing her memoirs.
  • Wanna try something new? Black women are branching out and finding romance outside of their race. Need some proof that it can work? Check out these famous rock-steady couples.
  • I should have read this before Noah and I took off on our Illinois trip. We’re sharing a suitcase and this could result in World War III.



Getting on the Good Foot

Look at how crafty your girl is! I’ve had this pair of espadrilles from Payless for ages. I got them thinking that I would wear them all the time. As you can see to the left here, that my shoes cover my toes.

After wearing these for awhile, they would hurt my toes (my feet slide to the bottom. sigh) Anyway, I threw them to the back of the closet, bummed out that I might never wear them again.

But wait!
Check out them toes!
All I did was cut the tops off of these shoes and sewed the ragged edges back.

And Viola! I’ve got new shoes. I’m wearing these today!

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Black Beauties of Vogue Italia


Never before have I wanted to learn Italian quite like I do now. Vogue Italia, is featuring a huge spread called “Tribute to Black Beauties,” which includes gorgeous hues (not just black) and sexy retro fashion that’s exciting to see again. But honestly, when will chunky platforms and boxy mod dresses go out of fashion? Colors, as always, are big in this spread. From the make up to the blue trench with white trim, I’m falling in love with Italia’s black fashion perspective.


It’s the beautiful glowing skin and natural curls exploding off the pages that have completely ensnared me. If I can get my hands on this issue, (at my local Barnes and Noble) I will surely buy it. This is not the first time Vogue Italia has surprised me. In July of ’08, they released the “Black Issue” featuring four heavy-hitting black supermodels on their own covers. This is a great step in the right direction, not just for black super models but for black women all over the world. This is really a tribute to you and me!


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This Feels like Fashion

I’m all about what Evelyn was saying about thrift shopping this season! I’ve been reading a lot of magazines (for research! I tell my husband) and searching a lot of websites like Black Fashion. I’m looking like this these days:

This is after a second hand store trip with my friend. I managed to score that red paisley top ($6.50) you see to your left. I like it so much because you can tie it at the bottom for a cute cropped look or just leave it baggy. I’m also wearing my skinny jeans rolled at the ankles with leather sandals.

I hope to eventually look like this soon:

          I want to this outfit so badly! It’s cute, retro
and hip. It’s the black hipster I want to be! I even want the glasses, which might be a problem. I’d have to get prescription nerd glasses or get contacts again then pair them with fake glasses…
this could turn into a headache.

I’m certain that both Ev and I will update you on fashion journey as well and with any luck, I will progress into this hip fly young lady 

or even this chick:

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The Mall Trip

Today I went to the mall. Every since I had my daughter (almost a year ago) I hardly ever go to the mall with the intention of shopping. I now go to the mall to keep my daughter occupied/entertained and to get us out of the house (I should also mention that there is diddly poo for both parents and children to do in this small midwestern town). The truth is, I’m not even that crazy about malls. Don’t get me wrong, I like to check out the offerings here and there and the mall is a first stop when looking for super contemporary items, but I prefer to shop at thrift stores and consignment shops.

Being at the mall with child is an interesting experience: weaving the stroller around swarms of people, occasionally bumping corners, racks, or people, stopping to change and/or feed the child, trying not to get annoyed when people stop you to comment on your child, and coming home exhausted after being at the mall all of an hour.

The problem is, whenever I “casually” go to the mall I end up shopping. You’re probably thinking, well of course dumb ass, it’s a mall, there are bright lights, and a surplus of clothes, food, jewelry, knick knacks, paddy whacks, and dog bones. I know, I know. If I don’t end up buying something for myself, I buy something for my daughter (rarely my husband–sorry hunny). However, unlike in my teen years I do look at price tags now and scope out clearance items. I have a weakness for extremely unique/rare items and homemade things those are usually my most pricey purchases. I did find some great deals today though:

1) Brown faux suede ankle boots -$15 (Macy’s)
2) Black faux suede boots- 15$ (Forever 21)
3) Handmade waist-length bag-$20 (Four Winds)

Yours in consumerism,