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Spending Time with Me

After a lovely night’s sleep, I woke up to Noah telling me he was off to the office. It must have been before 8 am, an ungodly hour for me these days. That’s what happens when you don’t have structure in your life. I didn’t get out of bed until 10:30 because it was my prerogative.

Breakfast consisted of a bowl of this cereal with almond milk and a few chunks of cantaloup. It’s probably the best breakfast I’ve fed myself since our transition to Ohio. I deserved to feel this great.

 While I munch on my flax, I finished the second season of True Blood that we rented at Family Video. Did I tell you that Family Video is only a block away from our apartment? It’s been a major help to us considering we don’t have cable yet.

I took an extremely long earth killing shower and co-washed my twists that are managing to stay together. I dressed myself like a bum, didn’t put on make up and headed outside to the back stoop to smoke two cigarettes. I know this totally cancels out the awesome breakfast I had, but I’m working slowly towards a healthy lifestyle. Real slowly.

While I was out there, I thought about what I wanted to do with myself for the rest of the day. The sun was hidden by clouds and it wasn’t too hot. I decided I would walk off my two cigarettes and head downtown. On this nice long walk, I listened to my walking playlist and a few other songs. It was wonderful to get the exercise of walking on safe sidewalks, a luxury I didn’t have in Georgia.

I stopped here at Chandlers Coffee:

I had an Americano, black. And another cigarette.

I sat down and cherished the alone time. Whenever I go out, it’s usually Noah and Me time. Today it’s been Me time only. It’s easy to take Me time when you don’t have children climbing all over you, my mother told me when I was younger. She’s most likely correct about that, if not a little tactless.

In this time, I got to think about my goals, ask myself questions and get completely narcissistic.

What doesn’t Charish want to listen to? 
She wants to hear some Led Zeppelin
What websites does Charish want to visist?
She wants to read the news on
What does Charish want to read?
All of the books she brought with her on her journey, including this one:

While sipping on my Americano, I overhead two elderly women softly debating who would be paying for who’s coffee. One was relentless: “I’m treating you!” The other’s rebuttal was “I’m treating you because you drove!” It was sweet but it suddenly made me a little sad. Just as I was getting used to the idea of Charish Time, I suddenly missed my friends. I wondered what Evelyn was doing? Was she playing with the baby? Making pumpkin bread and getting ready to ship it to me? (hint hint) I also missed my girlfriends in Georgia. Were they teaching classes right about now? Running errands?

Sigh. Solitude is nice. . . for a while. It centers you and makes you more conscious of your place in the universe. Now, I’m looking forward to seeing my husband when he leaves the college. I want to ask him how Noah Time went. Did he get what he needed accomplished? Did he learned anything interesting about the world? Did he enjoy his solace?

Like most dichotomies in the world, solace can’t be enjoyed without being amongst the crowd first and the opposite is equally true.

Well, what do you know? Noah’s walking through the cafe right now. I think I will catch up with him. . .

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We’re HERE!!

Noah and I drove 15 hours from Georgia to Ohio, yesterday and we’re both dead tired. We still have work to do and many more miles to get settled. Turning off utilities, setting them up. Moving our stuff from the truck to a storage space (because our apartment won’t actually be ready til the first week of August!).

I have a job interview with Noah’s college for a Admin Assistant position. Yes, that’s right, your girl hasn’t had a “job” since April and it was working at a pub. But I’m very ready to use my skill and intellect in a better environment.

I’m also going to scope the location and hopefully meet up with the people of the Natural Hair and Beauty Expo. Hey! If you’re in the area and you don’t mind spending $10, come visit with us. Evelyn and I will, of course, be there. Okay guys, I gotta go move my furniture to storage. . .

-xxx charish


Summer Vacation!

Yellowstone National Park Photos

In a couple of weeks my family and I will be taking a road trip to Wyoming for a little over a week to visit family and attend a wedding. We drove from Illinois to Wyoming last year also. This year we are going to stop at Yellowstone National Park for a day or two before going to our destination. Yellowstone is a huge national park that extends across Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. I’m super excited because we will stay in a cabin in the park and live a very simple life while there (food cooked over open fire, no phone, t.v. or internet in our cabin). Very rustic and I likey. I love being outdoors and I love unadulterated nature so I am going to bask in hippieness, lol. Now, we will be in the mountains so it will be cooler (around 60-70 degrees) which will make us temporarily forget that it is summer. I don’t mind. I hope to take some hikes and observe the animals, trees, mountains, and active volcanoes that the park stores. We will have a stroller, baby pack, and a child leash (which I don’t like, but I have to keep my baby away from the lava!) for Lanona so that she stays safe.

After Yellowstone we will go to my brother-in-law’s house for the duration of our trip. My cousin-in-law is getting married while we’re there. The change of scenery will be nice and I look forward to catching up with relatives that we don’t see often. As for my hair, it will be in mini-twists until the wedding and I’ll wear a twistout for the wedding. We have a long trip ahead of us and we will pass through several states on the way. I won’t be posting as often while we’re away, but I will make sure to document our trip with lots of pictures! 😉




Love moves me and shapes me.

My husband’s love is tectonic. It builds and shakes my soul. It’s magical, mythical, symphonic.
Love lifts me and carries me.
My love for my daughter renews me. It is a life force. She is a love story.
Love awakens and propels me.
My love for friends is sweet like cane juice. It extends me.
Love soaks me and absorbs me.
My love for family is a continuum love. It has hills and valleys.
Love moves me, love moves me.


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This Girl’s Life

I’m a Co-op member! Today I became part owner of the Common Ground Whole Foods Co-op here in my town. Now, this does not mean that I am rich or that I will be getting checks from the store. It means that I am one person along with over 2500 here in my town who have a share in the store. Since the store is a non-profit, income is derived through community donations and member/owner investments and purchases. The co-ownership fee was a mere $60 and is fully refundable shall I decide to move or no longer shop at the store. The major perk of co-ownership is the discounts. As we all know, natural and organic foods are not cheap. Since I have begun to buy more natural and organic food it is important to me that I do not go broke in the process, therefore this opportunity seemed like a great one. And it is. Those who invest in the store (and other co-ops like this) are helping to support and sustain local farmers and the production and distribution of natural and organic foods.

Spring Break has arrived and I am thrilled! I get a week away from stress-inducing students and headache-inducing course prep. While I think that teaching is one of the best jobs on earth (who else gets christmas, summer, spring, and holiday breaks??? did I mention the flexible schedule???) it is also a job that never ends. There is ALWAYS work to do. You are NEVER done. If you are a person like myself that actually cares about the quality of your teaching, there is always something to improve or develop in a course. Being a young, black, female instructor certainly brings its own unique challenges as well, but that’s another post…hooray Spring Break!!!

Hot Mama. While I’d love to think that my life and myself have remained the same pre and post baby, it is not so. It takes more effort than a little bit to keep up with friends, maintain a marriage, work full-time, take care of a young child, and attempt to be “cute”. Shopping is a chore. Even if I go alone, I’m on a schedule because I know I should get back home to her or pick her up from daycare at a certain time. When I’m shopping with her, please. I would hardly call grabbing a few of the first things that look good, without even trying them on, shopping. Everything is planned–when I will wash my hair, what I will wear to work tomorrow, when I will start dinner, when I will return a phone call. I had given up on the idea that any of my belongings were sacred even before my little girl was born, but I was still almost brought to tears when she broke a handmade Nepalese (multi-layered, micro-beaded) necklace given to me by a grad school friend. I plan to make a DIY necklace out of the remaining beads that I will give to her when she gets older-since she liked it so much, lol.

Fitness was a New Year’s resolution of mine that I have semi-met. I was doing Taebo workouts at home a few days a week consistently for a couple of months and I have recently fallen off of the wagon. I do not like to work out in the house or at gyms. I prefer to be outside—running. Since the weather is becoming quite nice I will start a.m. runs tomorrow morning. I plan to run at least 3 days a week. For me, running is the ultimate workout. It tones my whole body in a matter of weeks (if I am consistent). My only concern with running is that my breast size has increased since I had my daughter. Therefore I am going to have to make sure the “girls” are nicely secured:)

This girl’s life is very complex, but it’s just the way that this girl loves it.


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The Mall Trip

Today I went to the mall. Every since I had my daughter (almost a year ago) I hardly ever go to the mall with the intention of shopping. I now go to the mall to keep my daughter occupied/entertained and to get us out of the house (I should also mention that there is diddly poo for both parents and children to do in this small midwestern town). The truth is, I’m not even that crazy about malls. Don’t get me wrong, I like to check out the offerings here and there and the mall is a first stop when looking for super contemporary items, but I prefer to shop at thrift stores and consignment shops.

Being at the mall with child is an interesting experience: weaving the stroller around swarms of people, occasionally bumping corners, racks, or people, stopping to change and/or feed the child, trying not to get annoyed when people stop you to comment on your child, and coming home exhausted after being at the mall all of an hour.

The problem is, whenever I “casually” go to the mall I end up shopping. You’re probably thinking, well of course dumb ass, it’s a mall, there are bright lights, and a surplus of clothes, food, jewelry, knick knacks, paddy whacks, and dog bones. I know, I know. If I don’t end up buying something for myself, I buy something for my daughter (rarely my husband–sorry hunny). However, unlike in my teen years I do look at price tags now and scope out clearance items. I have a weakness for extremely unique/rare items and homemade things those are usually my most pricey purchases. I did find some great deals today though:

1) Brown faux suede ankle boots -$15 (Macy’s)
2) Black faux suede boots- 15$ (Forever 21)
3) Handmade waist-length bag-$20 (Four Winds)

Yours in consumerism,