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Oh you fancy huh?

This is today’s twist-out. I used my “shea light” mixture as a styler.

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I recently ran out of all of my homemade hair mixes so I had to get to work and make some more. I still haven’t made my flax seed gel yet, but I will add the picture when I do. Happy mixing!

Pic 1: Supplies

Pic 2: left “Shea Light“, right “Evelyn’s Whipped Shea Butter Mix


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A State Of The Hair Address

Bunning. This is a style I like to call my “pseudo-bun”. My hair is not quite long enough to form a donut-shaped bun in which the hair folds out and under. So what I do is pull my hair up with a band like I am doing a “puff”, then gather all of the hair into the center and begin placing bobby pins in it to secure it. Sometimes it looks neater than other times, sometimes it’s bigger or smaller than other times. This is a great go-to style when in a rush or when my hair just isn’t acting right. Lately my hair has been dry. Lacking moisture. Semi-rough. I just cannot seem to keep moisture in it. I’m not sure if it is the changing seasons (winter to spring) or the new shampoo and conditioner I’m using (I will do a review later when I decide how I feel about the products). Shampooing my hair has always made it a little dry. It doesn’t matter whether I use a natural or n0n-natural shampoo. The end result (the next day after the wash) is dryness. This is why I prefer to condition wash. Every once in awhile I feel that I need to cleanse and clarify my hair though and I’m just not convinced that my conditioner can cleanse my hair like a shampoo would. I could be wrong… I am going to stick with co-washing (condition washing) 3 times a month and shampooing once a month. If the dryness persists, I may have to change some things. I also deep condition over night the night before I wash my hair. This ALWAYS makes my hair soft, shiny, deep in color, and moisturized. I will be co-washing my hair pretty soon so I look forward to getting rid of this dryness. I’ll keep you posted…literally;)


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DIY: Facial scrub, Facial softener, and Facial moisturizer

Facial scrub
3-4 tbsp brown sugar (cinnamon can also be used)
2-3 tbsp honey (add honey until you reach your desired consistency)

Mix well. Wipe your face clean with a warm washcloth, then apply small portions of the scrub to your face. Begin gently exfoliating your entire face. Either wash the mixture from your face directly with water or with the warm towel.

Facial softener
1/4 cup plain organic greek yogurt (you can use any kind of plain yogurt, but greek yogurt is thicker than most, I would definitely veer toward the natural or organic yogurts for this)

Apply yogurt all over face and let sit for 15-20 minutes. Wash the yogurt from your face directly with water or with a washcloth.

Facial moisturizer
End the process by applying a couple of drops of grape seed oil to your face (coconut oil or another light natural oil will work as well)

*Use this facial cleansing and moisturizing process once or twice a month for clean, healthy, and supple skin.