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Red Clay in Hair

I tried Red Moroccan Clay on my face a few months ago and I liked the results a lot.
I thought I could use it in my hair. Same awesome properties right? Moisturizing and cleansing.
I found a blog that featured clay in the hair, The Black Hair Diary. I felt confident to try it.
Here’s what happened:

I left the clay in my hair for about 1 1/2 hours.
I rinsed it out. My shower looked like the famous scene from Psycho.
After getting it all rinsed out, I definitely noticed a cleaner softer feel to my hair.
My curls felt defined and I even got my swing on. Yeah, I was whipping my hair.
Unfortunately, I do have to go to bed. Laying on drying hair, usually ends up matted in the morning.
That’s why I’m bagging it tonight. Plastic conditioning cap (shower cap) and handkerchief.
We’ll see if this can be a wash and go for tomorrow morning. . . .


DIY: Fall Festive Hair

 Fall flora is in full effect in many parts of the country! The flowers and leaves are taking on such beautiful yellow, orange, and red hues. Don’t you want to carry the spirit around with you where ever you go?

I love mums!

I’ve been in the craft studio (my kitchen table) making some cute hair ornaments and I think you can too! All you need are these things:

  • Fake, silk flowers (I found fall ones at The Dollar Store)
  • Scissors or wire cutters 
  • Green floral tape (Michaels)
  • Metal hair clips

Cut the flower stem as the same length of your clip. In my case, it was about two inches.

Wrap your flower stem around the top part of your clip with some floral tape. Tape as liberally as you want for secure attachment.

  And viola! Here’s your finished product! You can wear this immediately.

Rolling around in a leaf pile or high fashion? You decide.

I’m proud as a peacock over my crafts!


Strawberry Face

Tonight is going to be a natural spa night! I’ve got a couple items in the kitchen that I’m not going to eat soon and I figured I’d put them to good use. I have some ripe strawberries from a fruit salad. I ate all of the watermelon and cantaloup chunks first, leaving about seven or eight strawberries. They’re generally not my favorite fruit to eat. But I’m going to put them to good use!

Strawberry Face Mask:

7 or 8 strawberries
3 tsp honey                                                                          

  • Mash strawberries in bowl until pulpy
  • Mix in honey 
  • Slather on face and rinse off in 10 mins


Getting on the Good Foot

Look at how crafty your girl is! I’ve had this pair of espadrilles from Payless for ages. I got them thinking that I would wear them all the time. As you can see to the left here, that my shoes cover my toes.

After wearing these for awhile, they would hurt my toes (my feet slide to the bottom. sigh) Anyway, I threw them to the back of the closet, bummed out that I might never wear them again.

But wait!
Check out them toes!
All I did was cut the tops off of these shoes and sewed the ragged edges back.

And Viola! I’ve got new shoes. I’m wearing these today!

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Another Smoothie: Creamy (non-dairy) Berry Smoothie

I know you all are thinking, “damn, these girls make a lot of smoothies.” But when you get stuck on an idea, you look to alter it and make it better. I’m straight up lactose-intolerant but I love a creamy smoothie! A quick scout to the supermarket and I found some lifesaving products:

  • I took some frozen mixed berry (blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries) Your fruit choice is up to you though.
  • Scoop a couple scoops of this Coconut Milk ice cream. There is no dairy, soy, or artificial sweetners. Straight up organic goodness!
  • Pour some almond milk over the ingredients in the blender.
  • Blend til really smooth.



My Current Hair Regimen

Hi! I’ve been wanting to do a post on my current hair regimen for some time now, but I felt that it was a grand task to embark on and I haven’t had much time lately. My regimen will change with the seasons and with hair growth, but I have had this regimen all fall and winter. I have noticed a major change in my hair (softness, growth, less breakage) since I started deep conditioning my hair each week. I highly recommend incorporating this into your regimen if you don’t already. I will post a picture of my hair from last summer so that you can see the growth. When stretched, my hair is just below my shoulders in the back, about an inch from my shoulders on the sides, and below my bottom lip in the front. Later this week I will be blow drying my hair and mini-twisting it (I will post pics). I plan to wear my hair in mini-twists for 2 weeks. Okay, I am going to try to condense this down as much as I can (I do a lot with my hair). Each week I:

Detangle and Deep Condition
I spray my hair with water and apply either the Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque or my Aubrey GPB conditioner mixed with a tbsp of olive oil and a tbsp of honey to a section of my hair. I then detangle that section with a wide-tooth comb. Next I twist the detangled section. I repeat this process throughout my entire head. This is also when I snip split ends from each twist if needed. When completed, I put a plastic cap, then satin bonnet, then yarn hat over my head. I usually deep condition overnight, but when I’m in a rush I will deep condition for a few hours.

Wash and Retwist
I only shampoo my hair once a month, but I condition-wash my hair 3x a month. When I shampoo I use Kinky Curly Come Clean. I use Aubrey GPB for co-washes. I wash my hair in the twists that I put in during my detangling and conditioning session. After rinsing the deep conditioner out of my hair I undo one twist at a time and apply Aubrey GPB. Once I’ve applied the conditioner to each twist I cover my hair with a plastic cap and let it sit for 30-45 minutes. I then rinse my hair with lukewarm water and pat my hair with a towel until it is no longer dripping water.

The last step is to style my hair. I usually spray my hair lightly with my hair spritz before styling. On damp hair, I apply my leave-in conditioner (Giovanni Direct) mixed with 2 tbsp of jojoba oil and 1 tsp of vitamin e oil to each twist (I unravel the twist, apply the styler, then retwist). When completed I spray my hair again with my hair spritz and apply a small amount of oil to my scalp and hair. Sometimes I let my hair air dry, other times I wear a scarf or hat. I typically take the twists out the next morning.

My hair plans for the summer is to do some major protective styling. I will be wearing mini-twists, buns, and wigs (with braided or twisted hair underneath) for the majority of the summer. I am only doing twist and braidouts for special occasions. I will still do my weekly hair routine, but I won’t have to worry about my hair throughout the week. I anticipate some hair growth from the consistent protective styling. Here is the pic from last summer that I mentioned:

My hair has come a long way, and has a long way to go!



Do It Yourself (For Real)

I’m back in twists and I’ve been wearing my hair like this for a week now. They’re holding up nicely, here’s a picture:

I’ve gotten lots of compliments on my hairdo which is really exciting. Black women that I don’t even know have approached me on the street, in the mall to tell me they like my twists. They’ve also inquired about who did them. When I tell them that I do my own hair, they are almost always shocked. 

“You do that?”
Sure, I do.
And you can too!

I have the attitude that if I can’t do it, then I need to know what it takes to learn. I’m also cheap. I’m not trying to fly to the salon just so someone can braid my hair. I know there are livelihoods at stake and salon owners depend on the business, but I’m afraid they won’t be getting any of my paycheck. I’ve got working hands! I’m crafty and smart!

In this new techno-age, where information is so readily available, people are now able to make well informed decisions about their health and beauty. As consumers, we are finally at a time where we can get our power back from companies. If I don’t want to buy your shampoo because I can’t read your ingredients, that’s now my prerogative. I can search the internet, read a book, watch a YouTube video and find that I might want to slather avocado in my hair instead.

Imagine that!
Black hair care is not a Super Secret Club 
with an exclusive membership, decoder ring or handshake! Don’t feel like you
need to go somewhere to get something done by a wizard or buy something in a magic elixir bottle that promises to save you. 
Now this doesn’t mean that journey to self-help is not fraught with some mistakes! If you read about my Chia Seed SNAFU from earlier posts then you know experimentation can be risky. But you feel great when it pays off, don’t you? I love my twists and I have no one to thank but myself (and of course the YouTube video that I watched). That sense of accomplishment is worth it! So remember this, even though it’s a tad corny: I did it and you can too!

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A State Of The Hair Address

Bunning. This is a style I like to call my “pseudo-bun”. My hair is not quite long enough to form a donut-shaped bun in which the hair folds out and under. So what I do is pull my hair up with a band like I am doing a “puff”, then gather all of the hair into the center and begin placing bobby pins in it to secure it. Sometimes it looks neater than other times, sometimes it’s bigger or smaller than other times. This is a great go-to style when in a rush or when my hair just isn’t acting right. Lately my hair has been dry. Lacking moisture. Semi-rough. I just cannot seem to keep moisture in it. I’m not sure if it is the changing seasons (winter to spring) or the new shampoo and conditioner I’m using (I will do a review later when I decide how I feel about the products). Shampooing my hair has always made it a little dry. It doesn’t matter whether I use a natural or n0n-natural shampoo. The end result (the next day after the wash) is dryness. This is why I prefer to condition wash. Every once in awhile I feel that I need to cleanse and clarify my hair though and I’m just not convinced that my conditioner can cleanse my hair like a shampoo would. I could be wrong… I am going to stick with co-washing (condition washing) 3 times a month and shampooing once a month. If the dryness persists, I may have to change some things. I also deep condition over night the night before I wash my hair. This ALWAYS makes my hair soft, shiny, deep in color, and moisturized. I will be co-washing my hair pretty soon so I look forward to getting rid of this dryness. I’ll keep you posted…literally;)