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Sigh. Was That a Good Idea?

Cadbury Chocolate should have known better to get on the bad side of super-model, Naomi Campbell. But no, the Kraft company thought it would be a great idea to compare black women to consumable objects. Well, gee, I don’t know why Campbell would demand this campaign to be pulled.

Say what you will about Campbell being a foul tempered diva with phone throwing tendencies, but this insult still stings black women everywhere.

Brown Sugar

These are all euphemisms for making black women more consumable, more objectable. . . a little less human. Cadbury is pulling the ad but not apologizing over the situation. Not that I would expect them to. It’s cute and it sells chocolate bars because people don’t really think about how it makes others feel. Now what if another company, who made, oh, I don’t know, taco sauce made their slogan: “Move over, J.LO, there’s a spicier diva in town.”

Don’t you find that equally horrifying? Women nor women of color are commodities.