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A Black Girl in Sweden

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My husband and I have done something fairly reckless. We pulled up stakes and left America for a new job opportunity. . . In Örebro, Sweden. Noah is teaching at city’s university as their new Rhetoric professor while I plan to write full-time.

Toledo, Ohio is in our rear-view mirror as a closed chapter. My days of teaching Freshman Composition have also come to a close. From now on, I’d really like to spend my days writing more blog posts and editing my NANOWRIMO novel (possibly publish it this summer/fall). Not working will be strange, but I believe I’ll have more opportunities for adventure and fulfillment elsewhere. Exploration in Örebro will be easier when everyone walks, bikes, and ride buses.

So as I acclimate to a new land, my blog posts will probably be more frequent and revolve around my traveling experience as a black American woman in Sweden. While I understand my husband and I probably left the United States at a perfect time, there will also be challenges regarding race and nationality here in Sweden. I will report on those as well.

All in all, your girl is a unemployed, non-Swedish speaking wanderer. Please wish her luck, lol!

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

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