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Hitting the Road: Emerald Isle

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The Motley News is taking this show on the road. . . internationally.

I’m headed to Ireland for my university’s study abroad program. While my husband is teaching and guiding students from our institution, I’ll be free to discover the country-side (I’m not teaching this summer, lol)

Two weeks will be spent with the students in a small town called Tullycross, a literal “one-horse town.” When we checked it out on on Google Earth, it was a fairly short tour. Students and faculty will stay in thatched-roof cottages with kitchens and peat-burning fireplaces. Sigh. . . it sounds positively bucolic.

Image result for tullycross ireland

You are entering  Tullycross

Image result for tullycross ireland

The church is in the center of town

After the students have their study abroad experience, they will return home from Shannon Airport while hubby and I continue onward to Ireland’s fifth largest city, Galway, where we will spend five nights near the famous Eyre Square. I’m especially excited to see the college town of Galway, with its young hipsters, packed busy pubs, and international cuisine.

Image result for galway ireland

City-center shopping

Image result for galway ireland

Cliffs of Moher

Our next stop, which might be hellish to get to, will be the coastal town of Dingle. Funny name, but it sounds like a lovely place. We’re going to be there for five nights, seeing the fishing boats, palm trees, and dolphins. You heard right, this West Ireland town, “featured” in the romantic comedy Leap Year, has dolphins. Specifically, a famous dolphin named Fungie. I don’t know if I’ll meet him (that would require me to get in a boat and find him).

Image result for dingle ireland dolphin

There’s Fungie

Image result for dingle ireland

View of the coast

Our last five days will be spent in Limerick, the “Cultural Capital” of Ireland! It was informally known as the “Stab Capital” of Ireland. In his Ireland guidebook, even super-intrepid Rick Steves said to watch your wallet in Limerick. I’m looking forward to being in another vibrant university town with young folks. Not to mention, there’s the beautiful King John’s Castle:

Image result for limerick king john's castle

So, that’s the trip! I’ll be in Ireland for a FULL MONTH. This is a great opportunity for me to flex my travel writing skills again. Trust me, posts after this will be a lot more specific to location, detailed, and (hopefully) wittier. Also, check out The Motley News YouTube Channel for on location videos.

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