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Interview with Erica Buddington (Video)

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I can do quite a bit of Facebook scrolling without finding anything especially helpful, but that changed when I stumbled across the BookNoire page. It was a collection of everything I needed to know about literature brought to you by people of color. Current trends in black Sci-Fi, lists of novels I could read that are written by black female authors, and articles I could use to motivate my own writing. I desperately needed to know who curating this page.

erica at upworthy

Meet Erica “Riva Flowz” Buddington. BlackNoire isn’t the only thing she’s about. Buddington is a Def Poet, an educator in Brooklyn, columnist, novelist and memoirist.

Can you handle it?

I talked to Erica about all of her work; writing and teaching. She was candid about what it takes to teacher in today’s broken education system. She fully commits herself to teaching young people in a way that pushes past the traditional boundaries of: “Sit still and be quiet.”

When asked how she motivates herself to keep writing so prolifically, Buddington recommended we “get into a little trouble.” I’m all for that. Her next project involves writing about her family, which means going to Jamaica to listen to powerful stories and researching the history of sugar plantations.

Watch the interview here: 

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