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I Bought My First Wig. Here’s How it Went. . .

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I get bored with my hair rather easily. That is when I turn to YouTube for Hairspiration. Forty videos later, I made the decision to purchase my first wig. I’m thirty-one-years-old and I’m still finding new ways to surprise myself (I hope I continue doing that).

So, how was my first full week of wearing a wig?

Basically, you couldn’t tell me anything. I have been so full of myself since the unit came in the mail. I popped her on (Irene) and felt like a new woman. My own hair, which is quite a bit shorter, is wonderful but it takes a lot planning and effort to style on a daily basis.

Wigs, it turns out, a super easy to deal with! Sure, they have their limitations, but that’s why your buy dozens of them, right?

Irene is full of curls and fun. I’m certain she has her own flirty story of drinking mimosas with girlfriends at brunch, floating in a gondola on a Venetian canal, or giving investors the business at a boardroom meeting. I’ve actually internalized some of Irene’s “traits.”

The first day was a little awkward though. My husband and I went to the mall on a windy day and I spent a lot of time worried about my edges showing. Once I was indoors, however, I felt sassy!

I took Irene to the grocery store and a woman stopped me in the produce section to tell me, “You. Are. So beautifull!” I blushed while I bagged parsley and thanked her.

I wore my wig to school and my students stuff to say about Irene. They’re a reserved bunch, so they kept it to pleasantries: “Oh you look cute!” “It looks so natural!”

I think my husband was a little confused by my purchase. When it comes to my hair, Noah can barely keep up. He kind of just waits to see how it changes before complementing it. Now that I’ve had it for a week, he loves it.

I know it’s just a wig and that under it, I’m still the same woman. But it’s exciting to know that I have fun options to change my personality. Lately, I’ve been inspired by Taraji P. Henson’s role of Cookie Lyons. Noah and I tune into Empire every week for the drama, but I’m definitely tuning in for Henson’s fashion and attitude.


In one episode, Cookie had at least five different hairstyle changes! I think they were all different wigs, but still, the woman DOES NOT have time for tired hair. No, I can’t be Cookie, but I do like the no nonsense attitude her character has. She walks with purpose and she don’t take shit from nobody. Which just so happens to be what my wig Irene is about. . .

All in all, I love Irene and I’m thinking about getting her a sista-girlfriend. For more about Irene and how she’s contributing to my overall #ChildlikeWonderment Challenge, watch this video:

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