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Interview with Faith Adiele (Audio)

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I’ve been wanting to talk to Faith Adiele ever since I read her book Meeting Faith. It’s an inspirational story about her break from the Ivy League oppression of Harvard and becoming a Buddhist nun in Thailand (The first black Buddhist nun of Thailand)!

I read Adiele’s book when I returned from Thailand just to get some perspective on my time there. I didn’t meet any other black women during my stay and it got me to wondering: How many black women visit Southeast Asia? After reading her story, I began to do do more research on how black women are breaking down the international travel color barrier.

Her journey towards understanding her own background is also wonderful and fascinating. Part Viking, part African, all awesome, Adiele went to Nigeria to connect with her paternal lineage. We talked quite a bit about her career as an educator and how she helps her college students understand the world around them.

Check out her latest book, The Nigerian-Nordic Girl’s Guide to Lady Problems, and other writings at her website:

Listen to our discussion here:


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