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Black History Month: Jennifer Hudson in “Nighthawks” Inspired Commercial

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Post by Toya of 1Blessed Natural 

This week, I saw Jennifer Hudson in American Family Insurance’s  #Dreamfearlessly commercial. It originally aired during the Super Bowl, but I missed it. The thing that I found super cool about the commercial was that it’s based on the “Nighthawks” painting by Edward Hopper. The painting features 3 people sitting at a counter inside of an eatery. There is a couple sitting on the left side and a mysterious man with his back facing the front left side of the painting. There is also a worker behind the counter. The painting is Edward Hopper’s most popular one, and it has been adapted numerous times. 

The “Nighthawks” painting (which was created in 1942) does not contain any Black people. However, the American Family Insurance commercial features a young Black man who plays the mysterious man and Jennifer Hudson who plays a young woman who walks into the restaurant. The commercial also shows a police officer standing outside. Hudson is dressed in a plaid green skirt and jacket with a fedora.  Her hair is loose about her shoulders with a 1940s wave to it. She walks across the restaurant singing the song “Ooh Child (Things Are Gonna Get Easier)” with the rest of the cast. I thought the commercial was too cool! 

In a behind the scenes interview with Inside Edition, Hudson said the commercial was about realizing and achieving your dreams. She said, “I’m a dreamer that achieved dreams, and there are other dreamers here and they’re going after their dreams just the same.” The narrator in the commercial expressed the same sentiment and encouraged the viewers to do the same. This month is Black History Month, and I think Jennifer Hudson made history in this commercial (smile). Check it out below!

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