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Perfect Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

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Fall is an amazing season–the colorful leaves, mid-range weather, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and an abundance of pumpkins and squash.  Every Fall I make either pumpkin bread or pumpkin pie with fresh pumpkin puree.  Of course every pumpkin is full or seeds and most people just discard them.  I highly recommend roasting those seeds!  What I have realized with some trial and error is that fresh pumpkin seeds should be dried before roasting.  You can dry them overnight on a counter, outdoors in the sun, in the oven, or with a dehydrator.  I used a dehydrator because it is the fastest drying method (30mins-1hour).  Drying the seeds creates a much more crunchy product.  You can dress the seeds with a variety of things like spices or leave them plain with a little salt.  I coated my seeds with a little maple syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and salt before roasting them.  They are delicious!

Step 1:  Scoop out seeds from a pumpkin
Step 2:  Rinse the seeds to remove all pumpkin flesh
Step 3:  Dry the seeds
Step 4:  Season the seeds (if desired)
Step 5:  Roast for 15 minutes at 325F, remove from oven and stir, then roast for another 10-15minutes

Happy Halloween!


Author: Charish Halliburton

Writer and Editor for The Motley News

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