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Still Here: Now With a Book!

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Hey guys, I’m sorry we’ve been away for so long! I had to sign into my Google account as if it didn’t recognize me! You’re dealing with academics, so bear with us. Evelyn is back to teaching. I’m back in grad school at the University of Toledo, so we’re both up to our asses in coursework.

Let’s see, what have we missed?

Miley Cyrus twerked herself into a shallow Disney grave and we’re still feeling the effects of that unfortunate event. There’s not a whole lot I can say about it that other blogs and news sources haven’t already touched on. But rest assure, Evelyn and I do not approve. Poor Miley is back in the media, as sort of a damage control effort. Saturday Night Live went from a great season premier with Tina Fey, straight to this:

“I musta smoked too much. . . cigarettes!” Nice save, Cyrus. I’m afraid I couldn’t continue from there.

Also, the U.S. Federal Government is shut down! So if you and you little friends were hoping to visit Yellowstone National Park, for your fifth grade field trip, better luck next year? Our representatives in the Capital are behaving like children over the Affordable Healthcare Act and have pulled the plug on all the things we need to be a functioning country. By the way, the Act passed, ages ago. If you haven’t been by the website to see your healthcare options, I recommend doing so!

Until the government is up and running again, here are just a few things Americans will be missing out on:
Nope, never mind, I thought I could write it out, but there are too many things that are shutdown. Here’s a handy graph that has supplied us with:
Who’s protecting our National Treasures from Nic Cage??
Lastly, I want to let all the Motley News Readers know that I’ve published a book of poetry! It’s called Don’t Smoke Around the Rabbit and it’s available through :
I’m excited to see a large chunk of my work being distributed to the masses! It took quite awhile to write and even more time to compile, revise and edit (I even designed the cover too!) so I’m pleased to see it on so many websites for sale. If you like poetry or know someone who does, might I recommend Don’t Smoke Around the Rabbit to you? This books is part memoir and part explanation of the human condition through woodland critters. Anxiety, depression, blackness, identity, mother/daughter relationships: Explained with squirrels. 

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