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Sexual Harassment Even Happens to Queen Bey

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Any woman, around the world, can be sexually harassed.

Sounds rather obvious, right? But what if I told you even Beyonce Knowles Carter has to fend off strangers trying to slap her rear-end?

In Copenhagen, Denmank, during her Mrs. Carter Tour, Beyonce was slapped on the butt by a male fan. While singing one of her hits “Irreplaceable,” she stops, turns around and says to the guy: “Imma have you escorted outta here right now, all right?”‘

Now I if were Bey, I would have said something pithy like: “YOU MUST NOT KNOW ‘BOUT ME!” No I wouldn’t. I would be pretty stunned and then get angry about it later. But considering how much time she actually had to deal with the situation, she did a fine job, putting this man in his place and the show went on.

It’s guaranteed that this same man wouldn’t do that to her on the street. First of all, Beyonce has something we regular women don’t have: Burly bodyguards, who would have roughed that guy up. But it goes to show you, Beyonce is a woman before she’s a performing superstar. What’s more, she’s a black woman who is known for her sexy body and some men think they are already entitled to that body. But like you and me, Beyonce’s body belongs to her and no one is entitled to touch it without her permission. It’s a sad reminder to see a woman make it so far, (Queen Bey is practically a demo-goddess) but in an instant, she’s a woman navigating a man’s chauvinistic world.

It’s true that this man might have suffered from mob mentality. When a performer is on stage at a concert, people have the first instinct of reaching out to touch them. But slapping a woman on the ass, whether she’s on the street, at a bar or on a stage singing “Bootylicious” is extremely disrespectful and crosses the line. Now he’s got a great story to tell the rest of his friends: “I grabbed Beyonce’s ass!” I don’t know how that translates in Danish. I hope one of this friends says: “Misogyny!” (in Danish, of course)

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

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