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Summer Playlist

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Here’s a “Charish Summer” playlist!

Do you sometimes have the problem of getting in the mood to work? Of course you do! There are certain tasks that I can’t complete without musical accompaniment (cleaning, writing, getting out of bed on some mornings, walking around the block). And this summer, I’ve turned to these songs to make me more active. Most of the songs are not new ones, some songs are just the kind that I fall back on when I need to take care of business. I’d like to share them with you in hopes that they bring back good memories and drive you into “doing”!

The Beautiful People–Marilyn Manson (Yeah, it’s industrial and harsh. Yeah, it’s Marilyn Manson. And no, I haven’t outgrown it yet)

This Girl is on Fire–Alicia Keyes (This is what I feel like these days!)


 I Feel for You–Chaka Khan (Chaka-chaka-chaka-khan?)

 Supermodel–RuPaul (When RuPaul tell you to “work” you just fucking do it. No questions.)

 Work Song–Les Miserables Soundtrack (Not all of the work you do is gratifying. Sometimes you feel like you’re getting punished for something arbitrary, like stealing bread.)

 Dirty Paws–Of Monsters and Men (I got hooked on this song because of the movie trailer The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Watch the trailer and see if it doesn’t take you away from your hum-drum existence.)

 Release–Pearl Jam (Unlike the other songs, I prefer not to do anything while I listen to this. This is a thinking song. You need a few of those to reflect on.)

 Fix You–Coldplay (I like this song for two reasons: The slowness, the build up and crescendo rocks me. My husband hates Coldplay, so it’s the best to sing to while he’s driving. I love to see him roll his eyes)

Black Skinhead–Kanye West (Oh, the flack I’m going to get for this song. When it came out, I talked about West like a dog. I called him a megalomaniac among other things. But dammit! His songs are like parasites, they’re invasive and they wear you down.)

 Blurred Lines–Robin Thicke (I don’t really want to talk about it.)

Buddy Holly–Weezer (A 90’s favorite that just makes me sing every time. I never will learn the words, though.)

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