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Home & Garden (Part 1): The Flower Edition

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Pink roses on the side of the house.  Roses are very low maintenance which I like.

It’s summer!!! We are having a less hot and humid summer here in Illinois this year, which I am enjoying.  There has been a lot of rain, but it keeps me from watering our plants and flowers as often so I can’t complain.  My husband and I have become amateur vegetable gardeners, and have taken a keener interest in flowers and lawn maintenance.  Of course this equals a lot of physical labor, but it’s GREAT exercise- my biceps are poppin’! Lol.  I really do love working in the yard and look forward to years of additions and modifications.  Below are a few pics of some of our flowers.  These pictures are a few weeks old so some the  flowers have blossomed further and others concluded their blooming season.  I will post another blog later in the summer when other flowers/trees blossom.  My next post will focus on our house plants and my last post of this series will focus on our vegetable garden.  We have lots of vegetables and herbs growing this year.  I’m most excited about our small pumpkin patch!. But, for now…

The lilac tree in our backyard.  Unfortunately its blooming season is over, but it provided bouquets of flowers for us for weeks!  Lilacs are very diverse coming in all sorts of colors, fragrances, and plant species.  Ours is a deep purple, but if you look a bit beyond it you can see the lilac tree of one of our neighbors.  Theirs is lighter in color. 

 A vase of the lilac flowers 🙂
Imagine this red rose bush completely covered in roses because it is now!  It’s beautiful.  The roses transitioned from bright red to a deep mahogany color.

I love this hanging plant that I got for Mother’s Day.  These are great additions to any lawn or apartment patio/balcony.  You don’t have to worry about the fuss of planting with these.  All they need is water and sunshine (or shade depending on what kind of plant you have).
An iris sprouting a lovely white flower.  These flowers expand out and the texture is like a mixture between cotton and silk.  Irises are amazing plants.  Around town I’ve seen irises sprouting all kinds and colors of beautiful flowers.  They are also pretty low maintenance.  I’ve transplanted pieces of this plant to other parts of the yard.

This is actually a picture of an area in our vegetable garden, but I wanted to show you one of our hostas (far left).  We have several hostas around our yard and I love them.  We hardly ever water them or pay much attention to them and they continue to grow and look lovely.  We have some plain green like this one and some with yellow/whitish outlines on the leaves.  These are plants that can also be divided and transplanted around a yard.

Well, this concludes the flower edition of my Home & Garden series.  Stay tuned for part 2 (the house plant edition), and part 3 (the vegetable and herb edition)! 


Author: Charish Halliburton

Writer and Editor for The Motley News

One thought on “Home & Garden (Part 1): The Flower Edition

  1. You are growing beautiful stuff!


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