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Havana Twists


I’m no longer bored with my hair!!! 

Recently I’ve been discovering many new things about my hair.  It seems to like products it once didn’t (hello flax seed gel!) and dislike those it once did (goodbye Kinky Curly Come Clean).  I’ve decided that every summer I am going to do protective styling…the ENTIRE SUMMER.  It will provide a much needed break from hairstyling and hopefully promote further hair health and growth.  Last summer I tried yarn braids, which was great.  They lasted for about 2 months and I gained about an inch of new growth.  They also looked like locs which I love, but probably will never have.  This summer my hairstyle is Havana twists. After watching this video on youtube, I was certain I wanted to try this hairstyle.  Read about my thoughts and experiences with the style below.

Time:  2 days (It would have only taken about 4 hours straight through, but I have a child, need I say more?)
Hair Extensions:  Jazz Wave Hair Collection, Marley Braid ($4.99 per pack at Beauty Supply Store)
Products used (on freshly washed, conditioned, and semi-dry hair)Water, Jane Carter Nourish and Shine, and flax seed gel

Pros:  This style is really quick to do (when you don’t have children) and quick to touch-up.  The hair extensions were super cheap, which is nice if you desire to re-do the style after wearing it for awhile.  The hair is very light which is great for the summer.  And, well, it’s CUTE!

Cons:  **Disclaimer:  I tried the “invisible roots” method initially which did not hold well.  I re-twisted all of those initial twists later on and began by braiding the top, then twisted.  I also did not burn the ends of the twists, but sealed them by dipping them in boiling water (vis a vis the aforementioned video).  This is the reason for the ends coming undone often.**  I have had to re-do several of my twists due some of them sliding down my hair shaft (and completely out in a few cases).  This style does require frequent maintenance, i.e., re-twisting the ends or the entire twist.  My hair seems to grow out fast from this hairstyle so I will have to re-do it in a few days (after only wearing it for one and half weeks). 

I will wear this style the entire summer, but will likely not repeat it for awhile thereafter (due to the maintenance required).  I really do love the way the long twists look and appreciate the ease of the style.  This hairstyle has a place in future protective styling.



Author: Charish Halliburton

Writer and Editor for The Motley News

3 thoughts on “Havana Twists

  1. Ahhhh!! You looks soooo cute! I love them, I want to do these immediately!


  2. These would look great on you! If we lived in the same place I could seriously do your hair in like 2 or 3 hours, it's so easy.


  3. 2 or 3 hours?? Okay, now I feel hopeful! I'm so excited for you!


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