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Modern Gladiator Games


Let me introduce a Motley News guest writer: LaToya Harris, from 1BlessedNatural. Harris is a young writer and entrepreneur, with a lot to say about natural hair and social issues. Please check out her piece, below, on the dangers of technology robbing us of our humanity.

I knew that we, as a society as well as a world, had hit a possible all-time low. This low was witnessed and shared all over the world where, computers had replaced typewriters and cellphones had replaced traditional land line phones. I scrolled down my news feed to find a video of what appeared to be two school-aged girls fighting. The fight began when an older girl hit a younger girl with a bottle. The grainy video revealed a large group of spectators standing in the background, while the two girls were fighting. A short while later, the younger girl (bloodied) collapsed. You could hear laughter coming from the people who were watching the fight. The caption on the video stated that the girl passed away as a result of the fight. I was sorry that I had ever clicked on the video.
Source  (Note: This is a photo from a separate news story)
After viewing the video, I was in shock. The idea the girl may have died was not the most shocking part. I was shocked at the fact that someone stood there and taped the whole event on their cell phone. The main concern was to post a video (of a possible death) to an online audience for reactions? What happened to calling 911? When I searched the internet to find news about the incident, I found several similar news stories of fatal teenage brawls. I also found websites like to brutal brawls. This means that someone took out their camera and/or phones and filmed the events as if they were watching them at a boxing ring or on television.

These ideas made me realize the fact that we are becoming a world of viewers. We have become so comfortable in media and technology, that many of us have lost touch with reality. We can pick up our phones and travel the world without leaving the comfort of our homes. This can be a positive thing, if not taken to the extreme. We view pictures and information at top speed through computers, televisions, phones, and other devices. We respond and give our feedback in the form of a “like” or a comment so much, that many of us have disconnected with the severity of tragedies in reality. I believe that it’s the same with children who often play violent video games and then mirror those actions on the playground. Many times, it appears as if they think that they will get an extra life or “game over” in real life. But we know, that is not the case.

 I am writing this post to spread awareness. I’m writing this post to remind myself. We must keep our eyes open and remember that our actions are still important. We may choose to pray, pick up a phone, or not care at all. We must remind ourselves that tragedies do exist. Everything in life is not for our entertainment to sit back and enjoy the view. We must be able to know and remind ourselves of the difference. With that being said, I would like to end this post on a positive note with a video of two talented teen age girls sharing their God given talent of singing.  Thanks for reading.

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

3 thoughts on “Modern Gladiator Games

  1. Preach!! That is so true

    Those girls can sang!!!

    Thanks for sharing


  2. Yes! LaToya raised some important points and definitely ended on a high noted with these young black girls doing positive things.


  3. Hi Maggi! You're welcome. Thanks for reading! Thanks Charish!


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