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That Day with Hearts and Weird Gifts

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I’ve always given the big middle finger to St. Valentine.
But this modern, consumerist, guilt-ridden day isn’t completely his fault. No, he was actually a martyr. I have to admit, I was especially vile about Valentine’s Day when I was single, just as most women are. Now that I’ve been married for about four years, I don’t think much has changed. Noah and I don’t celebrate it because love, in theory, should be celebrated every day, right?

We’re going to go straight to St. Patrick’s Day. Another pseudo-Catholic holiday that’s strayed far, far away from. . . whatever it once was? By the way, there were no snakes to drive out of Ireland. Were there?

I’m not completely “ba-hum-bug” about the red and pink holiday. I do enjoy looking online for the cutesy Valentine gifts. Like this one:

Gun Soap? For “him” of course.
They are $6 and I don’t know why Noah would need them, but I’m kinda tempted. I might get them for myself.

 Or if you’re into something a little more traditional:

Love Never Fails, is arranged in red love print.

Whatever you do for Martyred Saint’s Day, have a good time. Whether you’re by yourself, with friends or significant other, make sure you don’t spend too much money on lame stuff. Watch a movie, get drunk, eat well, laugh and smooch!

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

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