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Shame On You, Williams-Sonoma, For Being So Bougie

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When my friend, Melissa, told me I could purchase a goat cheese making kit at Williams-Sonoma, there were many jokes made at their expense. My husband said: “The catch is, the kit comes with a goat fetus that you have to take care of first. If you can raise that goat to milking age. . . then you can start on the cheese part!”

And then we all put on our snooty voices and said things like: “Yeah, I just like to think about leaving a lighter carbon footprint on the world and if making my own cheese is the way, it’s the least I can do.”

The next day, Melissa had the nerve to send me this Williams-Sonoma webpage, labeled “agrarian.” She should have known better. I’m usually a snarky bitch, but when I see things like this, I’m almost unbearable.

For $70, you can purchase this Vintage Painted Watering Can. It looks like an old rusted can you’d find at your grandmother’s house, except it’s better! In the description, it says this watering can is an “Authentic found object (circa 1940s–1950s design).” Someone will have to explain this to me, are Williams-Sonoma products actually made in the USA? On the website, it just says that this watering can is “found in Hungary.” What the fuck does that mean?

If you’d like to try your hand at backyard bee keeping, then purchase the $500 start up kit! If you want to raise chickens in your backyard, then purchase the $1,300 coop (chicken sold separately). Upon reading all of this, Noah asked me, “Don’t people need permits to do this stuff within city limits?”

Well I sure-as-shit hope they do! I would like to be warned that my neighbor is starting their own amateur beekeeping business!

Look, I understand what this company is trying to do. They’re encouraging Americans to take back their power from food companies, become healthier self sufficient citizens and whatnot. I totally support that, I really do. But is the gateway to self sufficiency really through the dependency of Williams-Sonoma? A store where the average American can’t step foot in without the accusatory “are-you-going-to-steal-something” glare from its staff?

This simulacrum of Homestead Living is only another example of how living healthy is for a few select people of a certain class. It’s the healthy way of life that’s not available for the masses, the ones who need it the most. Doesn’t a single mother worry about the quality of food she buys her kids? I’m certain that she does. But when there’s nothing she can do about her access to quality food, she must buy what she can and carry on with life.

For that mother and countless other Americans who want more than the USDA and FDA can allow, there should be reasonable options for them. But don’t let a company like Williams-Sonoma be responsible for such a task. I really doubt they’re up to the responsibility of making humanity healthier. But the people of Detroit are stepping up to the plate. Please check out the D-Town Farm and see how you can do the same thing in your own town!

But whatever you do, don’t buy a cheese making kit just to brag about saving the world. If you bought it from Williams-Sonoma, you’ve only paid into their coffers, leaving the rest of the world to fend for itself.

(Addendum from Noah: “If you find a personal object in Hungary, from the 1940’s, you might not want to know why it was left there for you to find.”)

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Writer and Educator.

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