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Flat Ironing Fool!


 “Okay, I can definitely keep this up!”

I said this after my first flat ironing session (in almost a year). My hair looked so damn cute, I knew that I needed to continue. I told myself that I’d be more careful than I was before I instated the “No-Ironing” mandate. I was super excited that my cousin trimmed my frayed split ends while I was visiting Arkansas. “Now my straight style will last longer and look better!”

And then I just kept going. For a full month. Waking up and plugging in the heat. It was so addictive that I was giving myself “touch ups” in the middle of the day! But look at what all the work produced!

Look how happy I am!

Now it sounds like I’m trying to convince you (and myself) to keep this habit up. Well, I’m not going to ask you to enable me. I know what I’m doing is a little extreme. You’ve got to take a break on using so much heat. .  . and I have.

Fearing that an entire month of flat ironing would steal my natural curl, I’ve given it a break  I’ve gone back to a protective style and then I will switch back to the afro. The weather here in Toledo is dry and freezing, this could work against me this winter. I’ve wrapped the iron up and stuck it under the bathroom sink.

 Heed my tale, it is very easy to get roped back into the the straight hair game. It’s comfortable, it’s mainstream and offers a lot less explanation. It’s regular. I suppose the moral of the story is while it’s easy to escape a marginalized hairstyle for a while, you have to remember why you started going natural. For the health of your hair. For the health of my hair, I’m going to slow down before I fry off all my hair!

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

3 thoughts on “Flat Ironing Fool!

  1. Awww…. you are a natural beauty


  2. Gee thanks Maggi! But for real though, I gotta quit!


  3. Also, are you coming back soon??


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