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We’re Not Dead Yet

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Hello Motley Lovelies, 

It’s your girl, Charish,with an important message: We’re still totally alive!

Evelyn and I have been crazy busy with living, so writing has been difficult, but I did at least want to tell you that. What’s been going on? Well, as far as Evelyn is concerned, SCHOOL! Being a professor is a full-time job and then coming home to be supermom/wife is another full-time job. Let’s all give Ev a round of applause for being Fuckin’ Awesome!

I’m getting a little lost in this fall shuffle, the weather is changing and I can’t keep up. There are days where I’m still wearing flip flops in 50 degree weather. I’m trying though (wore a coat today)! My husband and I moved to a different apartment where we have more room to store stuff. We have a basement now!

I’ve turned said basement into a “Craft/Writing Studio.” We’ve got a writing desk, a long utility table where I store my painting supplies, and one swivel chair! I think that constitutes as a studio.

Speaking of studios, I’ve been volunteering with the local nuns of my town at their ceramic studio. These amazingly artistic ladies make all of the fancy mosaics for Lourdes University and now I’m helping them. I never thought hanging out with nuns would be so fun but it is! I’ve painted one tile so far and I haven’t destroyed anything. Progress.

I’m writing this at my local coffee hangout and listening to a lot of Muse. I’m really digging their latest single “Madness.”

Halloween is also coming up, which means I’ve fully decorated the new apartment. We’ve already watched a young 1970’s Jamie Lee Curtis stab her psycho brother in Halloween (we’ll probably stop at that one, the rest of them get pretty ridiculous). Now all we have to do is still come up with costumes. If you’re still wondering what to dress up as, consider my side project, The Halloween Project. I’m still deciding between Pussy Riot and Patti Smith. We’ll see what happens!

In political news, I hate living in Ohio! I had no idea living in a swing state would be so stressful. Every time I go to the mailbox I find a new flier about how awful Obamacare is. I get it, Mitt! The migraines I get from this election season will be seen as a pre-existing condition by my insurance company!

I hope everyone’s fall is going well and when things die down a little, I promise, we’ll write more. Until then Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, and things get really hairy. . . Merry Christmas!!

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

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