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Who Is Your Celebrity Alter-Ego?

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What does a 28-year-old black woman have in common with East coast, W.A.S.P Katharine Hepburn?

I’m still wondering the answer to that, myself. But these days, I’m finding a strange kinship with the late movie star. I think that Katharine Hepburn could have had it all figured out. It would seem that she knew how to be an unconventional woman before there was such a thing as an unconventional woman. She smoked, played golf, and wore pants. And I love her.

I’m working on myself these days, trying to figure out how to be the kind of woman I’ve always wanted to be. Fearless, brash and genuine. I’ve got the genuine part down, I think. People will tell you that I’m fairly honest and caring, but I don’t know if fearless and brash are words that describe me just yet.

How do I become Kate?

I’m learning “How to Hepburn” from the book written by Karen Karbo. So far, I’m fascinated to learned that the Hepburn family wasn’t as wealthy as I had previously believed. Her dad was a self-made urologist and her mom was orphaned at a young age and worked to put her and her sisters through school, at Bryn Mawr, which is where Kate would later attend.

More things I’ve learned from Kate the Great?

  • She enjoyed jogging with Greta Garbo when they were 71 and 73. Could you picture those old ladies in sweats, jogging down the street?
  • She didn’t like going to Hollywood parties, but really liked breaking into her friend’s homes while they were at said parties just to “look around.”
  • She was an avid swimmer and was often hanging out in the Atlantic. Sharks? Hypothermia? No match for Hepburn!

She apparently refused to give Fear the upper-hand. Driving around Manhattan during rush hour was too exhilarating to cause her stress. I want to be like that! I want to laugh in the face of danger and tell people things like: “Don’t wait up, I’m for a jog with Traci-Ellis Ross!” (I’m sorry, but that’s who I chose for a Hollywood contemporary “best friend.”)

So as I try my best to become a brash, no-nonsense woman, I ask you to come up with your own alter-ego. It’s simple, ask yourself who you admire the most. What qualities do they have that you wish you could gain?

My good friend, Evan has an alter-ego in RuPaul. Evan is a heterosexual white male in a great relationship with his girlfriend of four years, but there’s something about the famous drag-queen that Evan finds empowering. I’d say it’s the same thing I love about Katharine: Panache, confidence and fearlessness. These two, in their own way, jump in the pool before testing the waters. They push the envelope and apologize later. Or don’t apologize at all. . . They just hitch up their trousers, or evening gown (in the case of Ru) and walk tall!

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

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