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"Angry Black Woman…And Why She Has Every Right To Be"

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 What are your thoughts on this video?

 I think it is very insightful and appropriate, but it does not speak to my anger as a black woman. I am disappointed in black men and any man that would impregnate a woman and leave her to rear a child on her own.  There are numerous things that upset me about the way many black people behave and treat one another.  But that is only a part of my anger.  Most of my anger stems from being reminded that I am black every single day of my life.  I love being black, but every day I am reminded that I am “different” and not a part of the majority.  I am reminded that many people still find me secondary and generally inferior.  Sometimes it’s just a look by a stranger.  Sometimes it’s blatant racism.  I often catch the eye of a fellow black person when out and we instantly sympathize and understand one another.  I feel their pain and they feel mine.  I feel their anger and they feel mine.  THIS is what really pisses me off!  I think that this video is food for thought for black people and others as well.  Black women are not the only ones that are angry, but the misconception that we are always (or easily) angered really angers some of us!

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

One thought on “"Angry Black Woman…And Why She Has Every Right To Be"

  1. Yes, he touches on a very specific part of why black women are angry. But you're right, there are other “day to day” experiences that make me “angry.” I think it's the all-the-time objectification that gets to me. It's something that EVERY woman can attest to. The feeling of having to prove myself 10x harder as anyone else just sound or look competent. I'm not an idiot, a chickenhead, a loud mouth, a shrill harridan, ect. I'm just Charish, I'm trying hard to do my own thing. It makes me angry when I'm asked to be anything but myself.

    This is a great video “to save the black family” (a concern that I think is moot by now). It's a great wakeup call for black men to regard their better half as human beings. But I'm married, (to a white man at that) I'm not in the dating pool anymore. I would like someone to address the daily struggles that I and countless other black women have to negotiate just because we're the historic “other.”


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