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Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance

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In modern society many people struggle with maintaining a healthy or desirable weight.  It’s incredibly easy to become overweight in a society that requires us to sit most of the time and eat high calorie foods.  Our busy lifestyles don’t leave much time (nor energy) for routine workouts.  Charish’s post on clothing size made me reflect quite a bit on my own weight and size.  Thanks to her, I have become bold enough to publicly reveal my clothing size- I wear a size 10.  My ideal size is 9.  The smallest I have been in my adult life is a size 7.  I am not very far from my ideal size, but my biggest issue tends to be weight fluctuation.  I have a very inconsistent workout routine and a wavering diet.  I’ve made a lot of significant changes in my diet over the last couple of years and I have benefited from them.  However, things still are not perfect (is anything?).  Below I’ve listed some tips on weight loss/maintenance that are not original, but deserve repetition. 

1) Diet
This one is a no-brainer.  The things that we put into our bodies WILL show on the outside.  If you care at all about weight, then it’s mandatory that you eat well.  I believe that everything can be eaten in moderation.  I personally choose to avoid meat and most dairy products.  My diet includes mostly fruits, vegetables, and grains.  Grains contain a lot of carbohydrates that contribute to weight gain.  Moderation is key.  I like to mix things up.  Sometimes I eat gluten-free, sometimes vegan, sometimes vegetarian, sometimes raw.  Fried foods and processed sweets are occasional indulgences.  I also drink a lot of green juices and fresh fruit juices.  I try to eat organic.  I try to eat local.
2) Exercise
Exercise does not require a gym membership nor a collection of workout dvds.  A daily walk may be all the exercise one needs.  Just be active!  Stand for awhile if you find yourself at a computer for a long time.  Drop to the floor for a few sit ups when you’re bored.  Run throughout your house or apartment.  Dance.  Be active! Be consistently active.
3) Eating Deadline
Oprah once said that she stopped eating after 7pm in order to lose weight.  I’ve decided that I will only eat fruits, vegetables, or fresh juices after 9pm.  I’ve found that I sleep better and can better control belly fat.
4)  Fasting/Cutting Meals
Charish also wrote a great post on fastingrecently.  There are various ways to fast.  My fast of choice is skipping one meal every once in awhile.  The three standard meals per day is something that we have been taught all of our lives.  We do not have to eat three full meals per day and what each of those meals consists of is up to us.  I often have a juice for breakfast or crackers with peanut butter and a piece of fruit for lunch.  Our body works very hard to digest food and packing it with heavy meals all the time will result in weight gain.  
5) Make Sacrifices
Every meal does not have to be the best meal you’ve ever tasted.  Many people don’t like the taste of vegetables.  Eat them anyway! I believe that our taste buds become used to foods the more we eat them.  Many foods that may not taste the best are the best for us.  The array of fast-food chains in our society is simply overwhelming.  Keep driving!  Decide that you are not going to stop every time.  Decide that you will only eat unhealthy every once in awhile.  I think you’ll find that a lot of that food isn’t as good as you thought when you’ve gone without it for awhile. 
Be happy and healthy!

Author: Charish Halliburton

Writer and Editor for The Motley News

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