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Girl Nerds UNITE!

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Are you a Bluestocking?

A nerdy girl who, according to dictionary definition, is “a woman having intellectual or literary interests?” Are you a woman who shirks her responsibility as a modest, placating sex kitten in favor for (god forbid) BOOKS? 

I am. 

When I was a kid, my Uncle Pete called me a bookworm all the time. It wasn’t meant as a put down, he was just impressed by my nerdiness. I do remember, however, my book readin’ was not seen as impressive by boys at school. Girl nerds are not seen as cool, when you’re twelve. 

The only thing reading got me in middle school was ridicule from boys and disdain from girls. When my English teacher announced to the class that I’d read forty books for extra credit (and for fun, I guess), my crush scoffed that he too could do the same thing if he had “less friends and was nerdier.” That pretty much deflated my feelings for him. 

My girlfriend at the time, told me I’d be a more attractive (12 year old) girl, if I weren’t so “wordy” and if I didn’t show off how smart I was at every turn. I wasn’t trying to be a know it all! I just soaked up knowledge from books, documentaries and the nightly news. 

Frankly, I couldn’t change myself if I had wanted to. I enjoyed school tremendously. I saw it as a time to pick up new skills that I couldn’t learn at home. Plus, it was my mother’s fault. Weekend trips to the library were mandatory. Free entertainment was what she could afford. So it wasn’t unusual for me to go through a tote bag-full of books and magazines in a week.

Today, we still live in a society where smart isn’t cute. It’s snobby to go off to college, according to some politicians. Girls are continually bombarded with reality television starlets who take pride in never cracking open a book. Heroines now consist of  Snookie and the Kardashians. 

What age were you when you were told, “Men aren’t attracted to smart girls?” These days, intelligence=power and power=”You’re a bitch. Men don’t like bossy bitches.” These days, we’re told, “You don’t want to end up like Hilary Clinton.” And why not? She was a law school graduate before she married Bill Clinton. She had great ideas about the nation’s health care system while married to Bill. Now she’s Secretary of State. Now what’s wrong with that?

This is a rally cry for all Bluestockings! I’m still banking on women taking over the planet in the future. For that to happen, we need to revel in our intelligence! Girls need to read more books! Young women should take more Math and Science AP courses. If you have an interest in something else besides Teen Mom, pursue it!

And don’t worry about what guys find your intelligence attractive. When you’re smart, you know how to take care of yourself! When a guy sees this, he’ll either dig it or not. It’s not up to you to care. America needs more brilliant women. The Hillary Clintons of the world won’t be around forever. We need to take up the torch and run with it. So hitch up those stockings, gal. You’ve got a race to run!

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

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