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I’m Not Secretive About It. I’m a Size 15


The young woman at Forever 21 gave a half smile. “We don’t go up to size 15.”

She seemed like she had been asked that a few times and I tried not to judge her as harshly as I felt she judged me. I thanked her for making me feel like a baby elephant and followed Noah out of the store. When we left I said, “Wow.” He nodded in agreement.

That was just one store I visited during OPERATION: FOREVER IN BLUE JEANS (that’s what I called it.) Noah called it, “milling around the women’s section of H&M without looking like a creeper.” I decided to find more jeans because mine were getting tighter and were accruing holes in embarrassing places. Yes, I’ve gained weight and I’m coming out my clothes!

I also decided to grow wider gracefully. I would swap my size 14 jeans for something roomier. I’d rather look better in clothes that fit and give myself time to get my life and diet together to lose those extra pounds in my thighs.

Speaking of thighs, they were the biggest hurdle. In the Target fitting room, I tugged a size 15 up my calf. MY CALF! When I eventually got them up and on, they looked ridiculous. NOTE: The most defeating thing about trying on clothes is having to giving the large stack to the fitting room attendant. We all know why you won’t be taking any of these assorted sizes of pants.

I heaved a sigh of disappointment as I handed the older lady my five pairs of jeans.
“It’s a no go,” I told her.
She gave me a conspiratory wink and whispered: “No one can wear these pants. I get complaints ALL the time from women who think they’re a size 12. Well, these 12’s are more like 10’s.”
I thanked her for the heads up and felt a little better about myself.

At the mall, Old Navy had an assortment of sizes and curvy fittings, but lacked tall women’s jeans. Aeropostale had a sale, but the store makes me extremely anxious with it’s teenage girl population and loud music. And why won’t anyone turn the fucking lights on at Hollister?! I just know that once I step foot inside, I’ll get date-raped.

OPERATION: FOREVER IN BLUE JEANS was not an epic failure. I went to the good ole standby JC Penney and found some reasonably priced Arizona brand jeans. They were a 15 Long in boot cut and skinny (both, made my ass look fantastic).

I’ve recounted this experience for you because, for some women, there is nothing more traumatizing than shopping for pants. In the past, when I couldn’t fit into a pair of pants, I would make up for it by buying a new shirt or pair of shoes. Those items are more manageable and can make you feel better. Temporarily. Then you wake up to a closet full of tops, shoes and no pants.

I tried confronting my discomfort and possible shame by making myself go to the fitting room. All too often, women skip the fitting room and wait to get home to see the mistake they made. It’s unreasonable to have drive back to the store and return things if you don’t have to. Face it head on.

It doesn’t make you feel good, no, but you have to push through this feeling. There are a lot less size 0 women walking around here than you think. If you’re larger than this falsely perceived “average”, don’t be so down on yourself. Check out how these women stack up:

I’m not promoting one product or brand over another here, but I’m happy to see that the beautiful and fit women of the bottom image look similar to me. I bet you a lot of money that if they’re brave enough to bare it all with so much pride, they can probably search for jeans too. And you can too! 

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

4 thoughts on “I’m Not Secretive About It. I’m a Size 15

  1. I know I'm thin, but proportionally I have curvy thighs and a curvy bottom. When I was a little bit heavier (135ish), trying on jeans was a nightmare. I went everywhere in the mall searching out jeans that would fit a curvy lady with short legs, big thighs, and a small waist, and NOTHING fit. I felt like a caricature out of R. Crumb ( every time I tried to squeeze into another pair. It was so disheartening.

    Now I stick to Goodwill jeans, which shockingly never fail to deliver. I think it's because there are more designer-type jeans in the selection, which fit a bit better. Also, Levi's and Lee are good brands that have a “curvy” line.


  2. It makes you wonder what the hell Freddie Mercury was talking about, doesn't it? Do fat bottomed girls make the world go round?

    Ev and I are all about thrifting. And I should be doing more of that. But for some reason, I put all my trust in mass produced clothing. They've never had my back, but I will rifle through the shelves, fitting myself into their box.

    Thanks for the heads up on those brands though. I know it will probably help readers.


  3. It's all about Layne Bryant for pants/skirts. And yes, it took me an entire year before I would admit to myself that I have to go to a different store than I buy all my other clothing because, according to the American clothing industry, my belly is “plus sized.” But then once I got there I was surprised at how positive all the messaging was. Plus-sized stores are a way more pleasant place to shop than all the places with the pounding music and pictures of anorexic models.


  4. I think you hit the nail on the head. Unlearning all the messages you've heard and accepting yourself is key to feeling good in your clothes. Seems like common sense right? Plus LB's clothes are a hell of a lot better these days. Back in the day though, whew! Yeah, no one needs the German nightclub scene while shopping for clothes.


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