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Gabby Douglas Won a Gold Medal, Didn’t She?

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Gabrielle Douglas is all over the news lately. She’s America’s new Olympic sweetheart and is projected to kick the world’s ass with her gymnastic prowess. This pint-size package of explosive energy is really representing the USA is a great way. Hell, she’s already a gold medal winner!

So why are people hung up on the sixteen-year-old’s hair? I just got through reading and was completely astounded and deflated by what I found. Tweets and message boards are in a tizzy over what she’s doing to her hair. Check it out:

These are message left by black women and that’s the most deflating and disheartening part. Now, I told you guys that Evelyn and I weren’t going to write much about hair anymore, but this warranted commentary.

I’m so disappointed with how Gabby’s success has been met. She’s a hard working girl with a family who took a chance on moving her to Iowa to train with Shawn Johnson’s former coach. She is a powerful athlete at such a young age. She makes me ask myself. “What have I done with my life?”

As mentioned in the article, “Does Gabby need to stop every five minutes to check her hair? No.” And I agree. Is hair really that important when you’re representing your nation in a world-wide athletic competition? Of course not. Gabby is doing her job and dammit, she did it well.

It make me sad that with all the natural hair blogs and YouTube videos, there’s still plenty of disillusioned women who are convinced of only one standard of beauty. This means we still have a lot of work to do. Well, until you’ve nailed the dismount after an uneven bars routine, you shouldn’t have anything to say. If you worry about how your hair looks all the time, won’t you miss out on something huge in your life?

Gabby hasn’t.

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Writer and Educator.

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