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Water Fasting: One Day

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 Last night, before falling asleep, I decided that the following day, I would fast. 

I just got back from a pretty fun Olympic party thrown by friends but whatever was going on in my stomach was not very fun at all. I had eaten something with dairy in it and hadn’t realized it. You can guess that I was very bloated. To be frank with you, I felt gross.

I made my decision last night without really planning my approach to a next day fast. When I woke up, I just didn’t eat breakfast. It was also my day off so I had no obligation to go anywhere or do anything. Perfect. No need to exert energies while depriving myself of fuel.

Here’s what my day was like (note, I started documenting at around 3 pm because it’s not unusual for me skip breakfast)

 3 pm. I wonder if I should eat something. I walk to the kitchen and decided to fill my water cup.
4 pm. I can’t tell if I’m hungry or if I’m bored. I’ve been watching The Office for an hour. I decide that I’m bored. I find a book to read.
5 pm. I clean the kitchen with new cleaning products.
5:30 pm. Make 15th trip to the bathroom. So much water.
6 pm. Noah comes home and I don’t really feel like talking to him. He can tell I’m irritated.
7pm. Went to Kroger to shop for groceries. We listened to Hall and Oates on the way home.
8 pm. Had the second cigarette of the day and wonder if I should have a banana. Start on making a loaf of bread for Noah’s sandwiches instead.
9 pm. Writing this post over a cup of peppermint tea.

Can I do it for two days?
 I hadn’t planned on it. Today was more like pressing the reset button. Putting a halt to the crap I was eating and starting fresh the next day was more my plan. Tomorrow, my diet will consist of raw foods. Smoothies, eating avocados, nuts and various fruits. That’s the plan, Stan. We’ll see how things turn out when I get to work tomorrow. Stress won’t be on my side.


Author: Charish Halliburton

Writer and Editor for The Motley News

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