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Cleaning things in your home used to be a lot simpler. Clorox bleach for your white laundry, Clorox bleach spray for your toilet and shower, Windex for your windows, ect. These products smell horrible, you need proper ventilation in order to use them, but dammit they work!

But at what cost? 
  • The fumes, for one thing, are pretty dangerous. 
  • The residue from your cleaning product is still on your clothes, your plates and forks, and your shower.
  • When you’re finished with your bottle of cleaner, you really ought to dispose of it properly. But no one knows this. Landfills are filled to the gill with non-biodegradable chemicals seeping into the earth.
  • Oh yeah, they test these chemicals on animals.The warning on your bottle reads: IF YOU INGEST THIS PRODUCT or GET THIS PRODUCT IN YOUR EYE, call Poison Control Center. You can bet that they are testing this on bunnies.
But there are definitely alternatives!
Currently, Noah and I use Distilled White Vinegar to clean kitchen and bathroom surfaces, the dishes before we run them through the dishwasher, and for the bunny’s litter pan. Also, if I find a stain on my shirt, I spray and rub white vinegar on the stain until it disappears. It almost always works. There are other things to try as well:
  • Borax
  • Baking Soda
  • Castille Soap 

If you don’t have time to mix your own cleaning ingredients (I guarantee it’s cheaper though), here are a couple cleaning products that you can actually purchase. I was able to buy both of these products for under six dollars each.

(ECO)VER Lemon and Aloe Vera (32 fl oz) dish washing liquid has a nice light scent, bubbles up well and is gentle on my hands. I hate dishpan hands! These are the ingredients

Citrasolv Multi-Purpose Spray (22 fl oz) is for all surfaces but we’ve kept it in the kitchen. Noah reports that it’s very effective in getting food particles off of the counter (Sometimes our counters can get grimy). The smell is wonderful! Here are the ingredients

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2 thoughts on “Cleaning Safe

  1. I just made my first water-vinegar-lemon-juice cleaner.

    And my only observation is holy shit. Why didn't I do this years sooner? I can use it around food without having to worrying about nasty chemicals wafting onto my comestibles, and I can roll out dough on the counter without wondering if trace amounts of bleach are being incorporated into it. I can't wait to start making some more homemade cleaners!


  2. Fantastic! Now do you just put that into a spray bottle and go to town? I need to try that now! Just like you, I always wonder if there is some residue hanging out in my tub and on my dishes.

    I just used the orange spray on my whole bathroom felt better that I wasn't washing in bleach later on. This idea of “clean” in America is very unhealthy. It's veering on obsession even. A little dirt in my home isn't killing me but Clorox is.


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