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Let There Be RAIN!

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I’m doing my favorite activity with my husband right now. . .

Hey now, get your mind outta the gutter!

We’re at the local coffee shop working on our scholarship and drinking loads of coffee. It’s my favorite time of the week, when we pack up our laptops and head here to immerse ourselves in the pursuit of knowledge. He works on writing academic articles while I read great books like the one I got for my birthday:

Song Yet Sung by James McBride

I’ve enjoyed writing blog posts like this one and another for my other blog: Your Next Favorite Poem. There, I reflect on the joy I felt when I saw the first Batman film for my fifth birthday. I compared that experience with seeing the last film, The Dark Knight Rises, for my twenty-eighth birthday.

I’ve smoked a couple cigarettes and phoned my friend Evan about the process of writing. We came to the same conclusion as we normally do: Just keep writing.

I ducked back in the coffee shop just as it began to storm. I’m watching a magnificent down-pour right now and feeling relieved that there could be a break in the weather.

There’s something fantastic about watching such a storm from a window. Colors become a little more vibrant in an eerily darkened backdrop. Dirt and dust gets swept away so we can start anew. This act of nature gives me hope, a sense of renewal that few other things can.

There is obviously a certain mythical aspect to a rainstorm that pleases me as well. Something above us, something more powerful than we, is causing a racket upstairs and bringing a deluge of water to the Earth. You can call this “something” God or Thor, depends on where you’re from, I guess.

I call it a miracle. We need this rain. We need a little renewal. This is what I consider a damned fine day. I enjoy the time I’m allowed to open my mind and collect knowledge and create things. I encourage you all to go out and create on this day.

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Writer and Educator.

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