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Co-ops and More Black Soap!

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While in Carbondale, IL, visiting Noah’s parents, it was sweltering hot and the corn wasn’t growing. Illinois felt very much like a desert. I found an unlikely oasis though. There’s a wonderful co-op grocery store and cafe that Noah’s mother visits and I tagged along to discover something rather nice!

First of all, go out and support your local co-op! They supply you with locally grown organic produce that’s safe and sustainably grown. You’re helping out a local farmer that isn’t is subsidized by the government. Remember that under-grown corn I was talking about? Those farmers and soybean farmers ARE subsidized because corn and soybeans are in EVERYTHING we ingest and, soon enough, everything we drive. Now that corn isn’t growing, it makes you wonder what we taxpayers are paying for.

Anyway, we here to talk about what I discovered:

I bought this Alaffia Black Soap because I’m really trying to get away from using cleansing products brought to you by the huge chemical companies (Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson). Ambitious, I know, but where ever I can find them, I buy them.

This is a little pricy but let me list the benefits for getting this soap:

  • This is a 32oz bottle. So you’re going to get a lot of use out of this
  • You can wash your body and shampoo with this soap
  • The bottle says you can even wash your clothes with it! I don’t know if this do-able for me, though
  • This is a company that supports the local commerce of communities in West Africa. Where women make up most of the work force, they will actually get paid for their work through fair trade practices.
  • It smells like PEPPERMINT!
These women made my soap!

I’ve used it for three days and I have to say it’s great. The smell is a mellow mint, nothing that’s going to sting your eyes.

It’s very moisturizing. I used it at my inlaw’s house, where they have hard water that leaves my skin feeling dry and tight and I didn’t have to slather on too much moisturizer!

There isn’t much foaming but that doesn’t bother me because I know what makes soap foam, sulfates. I don’t need those at all. I’m using it as my hand soap and as my body wash and I’m really satisfied.

If you’re interested in picking some up for yourself, try visiting your local co-op, they have lots of interesting natural beauty products. If you can’t find it there, visit the Alaffia website. Happy soaping!

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

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