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Blog Panic Attack


Remember how I told you guys that we were making some changes with the blog but they wouldn’t be drastic?

I’m sorry I lied.
Evelyn and I were apparently ready for a complete overhaul for our blog and didn’t even realize it. I set about changing the visuals this afternoon and it’s given me a panic attack. I’m unbelievably stressed out about changing things have been status quo.

What if the font is weird? Is there too much color? CAN I CHANGE IT BACK?? (puffing on my inhaler)

Well no, I can’t change it back. You girl really only knows the very basics of blog production. I didn’t save what the old site looked like, just in case I was having a melt down. I’ve gone past the point of no return and here’s where we’re at.

Evelyn chose our new name:

The Motley News  As women, we all vary in appearance and attitudes. We come from all different walks of life. It’s our hope that this blog reflects this. This is now a place for diverse topics of discussion, most of which I described to you in my earlier post Letter From an Editor. You got issues? There’s a good chance we’ll address them, using our scholarly minds (ha!).

I designed our new look. Pretty damn fresh, right? I hope you dig it.

We’re still working on our URL issues. For now, for our current readers, the URL is still I promise that I’m working on making an easy transition for everyone. It know it looks like it makes very little sense, but we’ll get through this.

Again, thank you for keeping up with these changes that I said wouldn’t happen. We really appreciate it!


Author: Charish Halliburton

Writer and Editor for The Motley News

2 thoughts on “Blog Panic Attack

  1. Ummmm, LOVE IT!!!! I'm so excited about starting anew! 🙂


  2. Sigh. Thank you girl. This doesn't seem like it should take this much work, but I drank a Mountain Dew Amp to get the job done. I like it too! I'm getting so many post ideas just looking at it.


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