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I Don’t Buy It

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I guess what I mean is, I don’t have to buy it. To these men, who sell music and make movies: I don’t need to spend my money on their ideology. If a man can take one look at me and put me into one of two catagories, light/dark, there’s no need for me to front their business. Think of it, if you walked into a clothing boutique, where the proprietor let it be known that “Dark-skinned women take a punch [in the] face better than light-skinned women,” would you be willing to lay down your hard earned cash on his counter? I would not.

Men like this, who ironically are not very “fair” themselves, burden black women with the stress of proving ourselves for them. I’ve maintained that black women have enough on their plate as it is. We must prove we are competent and resourceful to the rest of the world, we don’t need to prove ourselves to a group of a people who should already know our struggle.

And I suppose these black men are going through a struggle themselves. This self-hatred they’re expressing is being transferred unto us and it’s why there’s need for a documentary called Dark Girls. Would they say this of their own mothers or sisters? Probably not, so why is it okay to callously categorize women they don’t know?

You must ask this of men who are misogynistic or racist. Would you think that of your own black mother? The woman who gave birth to you and raised your? Would you call her a “mutt” as Kanye called video girls? No, you wouldn’t. What makes “women” different from “mothers?”

There has been a long line of misogyny and colorism within the rap community. We can probably name five songs that describe women as “bitches.” There is also room to name five more songs that glorify the ligh-skinned woman. What this does is warp our sense of women’s value. Light skinned women somehow become more “valuable” than dark-skinned women. This creates resentment between different shades of women. As women, we turn inward, lashing out on one another, forgetting who the real culprit is.

At the end of the day, I state the obvious: Don’t let some knucklehead idiot determine your self-worth. He’s in no position to give it to you. He doesn’t know how smart or wonderful you are. You could be an astrophysicist, who speaks three languages, but to him, you’re just a “light/dark bitch.” Why would you want to be bothered by an asshole like that? Better yet, why would you want to give an asshole like that, money?

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

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