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Vaginas in Michigan

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The state of Michigan has a huge problem with women and their privates. Recently, with the help of the ACLU and many women’s groups, the Michigan Department of Corrections has finally put a stop to the “Spead-Labia Vaginal Searches” of female inmates.

Apparently this has been going on for years in Michigan and no one in the MDOC has stopped to say: “Hey, do you guys think this is necessary?”

All female inmates of the Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facility must sit on the same chair and have their vaginas searched without any thought of privacy or sanitation. So women exposed to other women’s body fluids because chair linings are rarely changed.

Also, these searches could be preformed at any time. According to Our Bodies Our Blog:

“. . .four kitchen workers were subjected to spread-labia vaginal searches in full view of one another because a guard believed that some chicken might have been stolen from the kitchen. No exceptions are made for women who are menstruating, pregnant, ill, or have been sexually abused, whether prior to or during their incarceration.”

It was so bad that woman have refused visitors just to avoid getting searched. Women were getting searched after visiting with family members, clergy and attorney. If they protested against such a search, they were met with physical blows or solitary confinement. Did you know that in all the time MDOC conducted vaginal searches, they came up with nothing? Huh.
In other Michigan Vagina news:
You can’t say that on the state House floor! That, being vagina. Everyone knows that abortion and birth control rights are being threatened for women all over the country. In response to a GOP bill outlawing abortion after 20 weeks and requiring women to take morning after pills in the presence of doctors, Representative Lisa Brown made the mistake of saying: “I’m flattered you’re all so interested in my vagina. But no means no.”
 Men of the House were absolutely appalled by her language, calling it “offensive” and not to be said “in mixed company.” 
REALLY?? Are we all talking about the same thing? You realize that babies you mean to protect come out of this orifice, right? We can’t call the thing in question by it’s name?? 
It got so bad that GOP leaders refused to let Rep. Barb Byrum (D) speak the following day. She wanted to propose that men seeking vasectomies, prove that his life was in danger. Fair is fair, right?
The bill was passed 70-30, it will be brought to Senate in September. Until then, Rep. Lisa Brown and other women met on the steps of statehouse building to put on their own Vagina Monologues. And in mixed company too!
I leave you with this young lady’s view of vaginas: 

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