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Letter From an Editor


Hey readers! It’s your girl, Charish.

I wanted to clue you into some minor changes that our salon will be undertaking. It’s nothing drastic, don’t worry, but it does have to do with content. You might already be aware of this, but Evelyn and I haven’t written anything meaningful about HAIR in a long time.

Not that we’re bored of dealing with hair! We still enjoy reading and listening to what others have to say about hair, but we’re probably done reporting on the matter. I imagine we’ve learned a lot from our own hair journeys and have reached a comfortable relationship with hair in general.

I’m rather proud of our beginnings and don’t mind going back into the archive to read past hair posts. I think they’re still very important and we wouldn’t be where we are without them. But I think we’ve run out of ideas and advice and this “new” hair is quickly becoming one with the rest of our bodies.

Now what do we do? We evolve. Instead of giving up the blog all together after only a year, Evelyn and I would much rather move on to other topics that need our attention:

  • Women’s Issues
  • Media and Pop Culture
  • Politics
  • Environment and Sustainability 
  • Food Concerns 

Readers who have been following us for a while, can see that we’ve already made this shift. I just wanted to lay it all out on the table in the most explicit way I could. If you came to le salon des naturelles for hair and left with something else, then we apologize for misleading you.

That’s what happens though. Evolution is necessary to maintain something interesting. Just think of it like this, the blog is going through growing pains of a sort. We’re becoming adolescents; we’re sorting things out.

Evelyn and I appreciate your continual loyalty. Our readers are awesome and we don’t mind hear more of what you think about these changes. I promise, if you continue to stick it out with us, you won’t be disappointed!


Author: Charish Halliburton

Writer and Editor for The Motley News

4 thoughts on “Letter From an Editor

  1. Well you're the kind of hair blog that's still interesting enough to push through. I'm glad to see that things on your end are good! I always look forward to seeing what you're doing with those lovely locs. BTW, love the recent twists!


  2. Thank you for letting us know
    Still reading 🙂



  3. Thank you Funbi! I hope all is well in your neck of the woods!


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