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How "Stand Your Ground" Makes No Sense

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I’ve said it time and time again, Florida lives by it’s own set of laws. Most of which, don’t seem to make any sense. Case in point, the Trayvon Martin case. A young black male, gunned down on the sidewalk by an over enthusiastic neighborhood watchman.

 According to “Florida law” (I say this what the utmost sarcasm), a person who feels threatened on their property, has the right to defend themselves. . . by any means necessary. In the case of the victim, Trayvon Martin, this meant getting shot to death.

The whole nation was angered by the fact that the shooter, George Zimmerman, was able to walk after shooting someone (that wasn’t on his property). But the “law” protected him. After enough protest, Zimmerman is currently having his day in court.

This doesn’t mean that Florida isn’t still operating on complete madness. In May of THIS YEAR, Marissa Alexander was sentenced to 20 years for defending herself against an abusive husband.

The incident happened in 2010 when her husband, Rico Gray threatened to kill Alexander. While her children were in the room, Alexander fired a warning shot into the wall behind Gray. So how does a wife, who feel her or her children’s lives are in danger, not get to protect herself? Fortunately, no one perished during these events, but it could have been terribly had Gray carried out his threats.

What is the law we’re talking about? It’s the 10-20 Life Statutes. If you pull out a gun during a crime, that’s an automatic 10 years in prison. Should you shoot that gun during said crime, that’s 20 year in prison. If you are convicted of shooting and killing someone, that’s 25.

Marissa Alexander never had a criminal record before this. Rico Gray openly admitted in his deposition, that he was abusive towards his wife and the other mothers of his children. Again, look at how little sense this makes. Florida’s gun law and Stand Your Ground law are in direct conflict with one another and legislators seem ignorant of this fact. These inconsistencies should be glaringly apparent.

I’m the daughter of an abused mother. At age 5, I experienced how frightening life could be while living with a man “who could go off any time.” The threat of death was very real for my mother.

She planned it out as best as she could. She packed most of our belonging in garbage bags and she called the local sheriff’s department to see us safely from the house, before my step-father could return home. There were plenty of moments before leaving, my mother could have shot this man. Had she means, she could have done it. Instead we left in the dead of the night.

There are so many more stories like this. Domestic violence isn’t just for Lifetime Movie fodder, it’s real life. People die over this all the time. Most of the time, those people are women who can’t defend themselves or get the right help.

If you disagree with this “Florida Law,” please visit the website that Marissa’s family has set up. There, you’ll find more information about the woman who’s been cast away without help or sympathy.

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

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