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22 Days of Genie Locs

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I’ve taken out my Genie Locs this morning and it proved to be easier than I thought. I got up this morning at about 6:30, watched a Lifetime movie called Love Thy Neighbor. Laura Benson (Alexandria Paul, Baywatch) is a mother and wife who just wants to get her life back after a traumatic house break in. Now in a new, gated, high security neighborhood, Laura is now being terrorized by a overly enthusiastic neighbor named Janet! I’m not going to give you anymore, but I will tell you that by the time I finished the film, I was done taking my locs out!

I enjoyed having them while they were in. It was nice to experience a new length that I could manipulate into a ponytail or bun. It was fun wear a lot of different hats.

My only complaint was that I didn’t feel like my hair was ever clean enough. My scalp was usually pretty itchy, flaky and greasy. I got my hair wet in the shower often, cleansed and conditioned at the end of every week, and oiled with shea and coconut oils. So, I’m not sure where the itchiness came from.

Would I do it again? Yeah, one day, I would like to try it again. It was an inexpensive protective hairstyle that kept me from working hard at my hair. It was a nice break.

Right now, I’m back to this:


Author: Charish Halliburton

Writer and Editor for The Motley News

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