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Pageant Girls with Brains

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A pageant for black women that doesn’t revolve around their bodies but their minds? One exists and it’s called the Miss Black Collegiate USA Scholarship Pageant. The young women competing need worry about what they look like in a bathing suit because there isn’t a category for bathing suits! Imagine!

This competition was started by Darlene Aiken in 2001 “in an effort to foster positive self esteem” in young women. She’s kind of a “jack of all trades” lady as well. She’s savvy business woman and also teaches Sociology at my former school, Suffolk County Community College in New York. The motto of the pageant is “Exposing Minds, Not Bodies” and I wholly agree with it. In watching previous years of Miss America, we’ve learned that there is nothing going on in the minds of those contestants. Case in point, this young lady.

Is that still painful to watch after all these years? I’ll bet it is. The point is, no one will have to witness that train wreck at the Miss Black Collegiate Pageant. I’m afraid that this poor girl and others like her, were probably so focused on what they looked like and what they were wearing, that intelligible Q&A’s were really low on the priority list.

The breakdown of the competition looks like this:
Private interview- 35%
Talent- 10%
Evening wear- 20%
Scholarship/Civic engagment- 35%

That’s pretty neat! Unfortunately, this is not the kind of thing that’s televised. Black women who are following their intellectual pursuit is not highly publicized, but just because you can’t see it on television, doesn’t mean it don’t exist! There is a world outside of Donald Trumps airheads, where real women can represents us fairly. This is one of the very few pageants that I can get on board with. Hurrah, Darlene Aiken!

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

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