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Genie Locs Yet Again!

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Evelyn really inspired me to give it a shot too! I had to think it over and watch the videos that she recommended several times before I could try it though. I went to Michael’s and bought my acrylic yarn. This was it! Noah was worried about the task I was about to undertake.

He looked at Evelyn’s pictures and noted that “she looks great,” but could I do the same? Check out my husband’s lack of confidence! Dobbie the rabbit was a bit of a nuisance while I unraveling my yarn. She skipped around it nipping at the strings.

How long did it take? Three days and two and a half seasons of “The Office.” I had to go to work on one of those days, so I just wrapped it up Badu-style and worked. It was tiring and awful at some points but you do hit a certain point of no return. You’ve done just enough that you can’t possibly cut out and unravel the yarn and yet there seems to be a million miles left.

Here are the results, both up-do and down-do. You might not be able to see it, but the locs hang down just below my chest. Thanks Evelyn for bringing this awesomeness to my attention!

Night One: Still working hard!

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

One thought on “Genie Locs Yet Again!

  1. Charish, your hair looks wonderful!!! Great work 🙂 PS My husband and I love the office!!!


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