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What’s Under Your Kitchen Sink?

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What’s under your kitchen sink?

I can tell you what’s under mine. I’ve got an open can of Comet for the nasty grime in the tub. A bottle of Drano for clogged drains. A box of Cascade for the dishwasher; a bottle dishwasher gel. Some Windex for the windows and mirrors, Clorox bleach spray for the the bathroom and some toilet bowl cleaner.

There. It’s out there.

I don’t like using these cleaning materials in my home, but Noah and I are convinced that these are the things needed to make our living environment clean and germ free. I get anxious when I look at the ingredients and the warnings. I spray Windex with ammonia and worry about using the Clorox bleach spray next. Will I pass out from the fumes? Probably, that’s why you need to open the windows.

But I just finished watching this documentary from Andrew Nisker:

This filmmaker challenges the Goode Family to get rid of all of their cleaning chemicals and then he kicked it up a notch and asked the family to get rid of all their personal care chemicals. Everything under the kitchen and bathroom sink, everything in the laundry room, all shampoos, conditioners and deodorants. Extreme, right?

The Goode family was not happy about this, at first. But they realized how much money was spent on their cleaning. Lots. They also understood that these chemicals were effecting their health in adverse ways. The youngest son at nose bleeds and breathing problems. That’s a problem. What were they using instead?

  • White Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Borax 
  • Washing Soap

It was mighty impressive. What did they do with all of their hazardous chemicals? They gathered them up and took them to a Hazardous Waste Drop off in their town. I didn’t know these places existed and I’m thinking about making a trip there.

If you’re interested in living a chemical free life, I suggest you watch this film, which is streaming on Netflix. I can tell you that these days, Noah and I have been cleaning with White Vinegar a lot more. It’s safe, it’s effective and it does kill germs without making you sick. 

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