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Drag is Teaching Me How to Be a Woman?

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I’ve been watching RuPaul’s Drag Race on Netflix and I’ve been HOOKED! I’m usually a sucker for reality TV competition. Cooking, modeling, drag queens, you name it . . . I’m there. These lady/gents have given me a run for my money. The costume, make up and runway challenges have been awesome to witness.

So how does a man transform himself into a woman? A va-va-voom woman? There’s a lot shaving, wigs, plaster make-up and of course, tucking. Lot’s of tucking. Sure, a lot of their mannerisms and looks are much like caricatures of  women, but most look so convincing you have to do a double take.

When I was in Thailand, I had a few male students who cross-dressed. One day they would show up to class as boys, then the next day, they’d confuse the hell out of me when I took attendance. But in Thailand, lady boys are not a big deal. There are three sexes, man, woman, and ladyboys. It’s a lot more acceptable than it is here.

I have to say that after watching several episodes of Drag Race, I take a lot of pleasure in applying make up and doing my hair. Have the queens taught me the pleasures in treating myself like a lady? I don’t pamper myself very often or fall into the trap of playing up my femininity, but there are times when you need to to be a girly girl. These lady/gents have taught me that.

Now about this messy habit I’ve developed. I think my husband is tired of me calling everyone “bitch.” Gotta do something about that.

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Writer and Educator.

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